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High activities bring complex challenges

Critical D&C issues with Rodney Eads, Pride International RODNEY EADS IS executive vice president and chief operating officer of Pride International. Mr Eads serves as chairman of the 2008 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, 4-6 March in Orlando, Fla. DC: From your perspective at Pride International, what do you see as the most critical issue facing the drilling & completion industry today? What can we do about it? EADS: Providing competent engineering and operating personnel is the most critical issue. Attracting and retaining the thousands of new personnel needed for the increased activity is a huge challenge, but just having the people is not the main concern. We must ensure that no priority is higher than the safety of our workforce and ...

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Experts discuss industry’s most pressing issues

By Linda Hsieh, assistant managing editor The world is addicted to oil. That’s not meant to be negative, but it’s true. The world relies on hydrocarbons to go places and to get things done. Without oil or natural gas, there would be a Great Depression even more depressing than what we saw in the 1920s-30s. That’s why what we do in the drilling industry is so vital — and why we must tackle the critical problems we’re facing head-on. There is no backing down from the challenges of deepwater. We can’t shy away from the complexities of unconventionals. And the people problem? We have to fix it fast. In the following pages, you’ll find Q&A’s with top industry experts who ...

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