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70th Anniversary Retrospective

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, January/February

IADC celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2010. In recognition of this milestone, and in anticipation of the decades ahead, DC is publishing a retrospective from issues of decades past. We invite you to explore the the historical contrasts and similarities that may emerge and chart the industry’s evolution through these episodic vignettes. The past is written, and has brought us to 2010. But who knows what the future may hold?

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Is your well suitable for controlled pressure drilling? Screening methodology could help you decide

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Innovating While Drilling, January/February

Controlled pressure drilling (CPD) is an adaptive drilling process that enables a more precise control of wellbore pressures. It is becoming an important tool for…

To cut field costs, subsea advances a must

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, January/February

Tore Halvorsen is senior vice president, global subsea production systems for FMC Technologies. There are three main areas where the industry is facing challenges in 2010 and onwards. The biggest challenge now is the economics necessary to…

Frontier drilling to require a shift in paradigm

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, January/February, Onshore Advances, The Offshore Frontier

Critical D&C issues with John de Lange, BG Group. Looking at technology and the world demand for oil and gas, I see a couple of areas that haven’t been explored much and where there is potential. First, there is deepwater and ultra-deepwater. …

From the 2010 chairman: Preparing tomorrow’s generation today

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, January/February

As the oil and gas drilling industry advances into new frontiers with new technologies, it demands increasingly higher skill levels among workers. Yet historical ups and downs in the economy have created gaps in the work force. …

People, Companies & Products

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Departments, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, January/February

Events and updates in People, Companies & Products. …

Driver tracking, monitoring yields measurable improvement in employee driving culture

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Drilling It Safely, January/February

Motor vehicle incidents are the most common cause of death and serious injury for the oil and gas industry, mainly due to a high level of exposure. The World Health…

Ecuador completions use ICDs to control early water breakthrough, allow uniform drainage

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Completing the Well, January/February

Petroamazonas is making the most of its horizontal wells in Ecuador’s Amazon jungle by completing these wells using inflow control devices (ICDs). Awareness of the…

IADC Connection: Wirelines

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, January/February

IADC and five other oilfield trade groups have written to the Obama Administration’s Ocean Policy Task Force urging extreme caution in pursuing marine spatial planning (MSP) insofar as it may impact OCS oil and natural gas E&P. …

Control systems integration an ongoing challenge

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Global and Regional Markets, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, January/February, The Efficient Rig, The Offshore Frontier

Critical D&C issues with Tim Juran, Seadrill Americas. Seadrill has delivered eight modern, highly sophisticated deepwater newbuilds in the last 15-18 months. What are the key challenges you’ve faced in doing that? …


Recent Drilling News

  • 01 October 2014

    Drillmec automated rig, drilling package designed to ensure safety, increase efficiency

    Drillmec has designed an automated drilling rig – AHEAD, Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller – that reduces the rig footprint by approximately 50%...

  • 01 October 2014

    Noble Energy to resume exploration drilling offshore Falkland Islands

    Noble Energy.plans to resume exploration drilling in the Falkland Islands in 2015, following the acquisition and evaluation of an extensive 3D seismic program…

  • 01 October 2014

    Video: Schlumberger mapping-while-drilling service expands view around wellbore

    GeoSphere, Schlumberger’s new reservoir mapping-while-drilling service, optimizes well placement operations and steering capabilities with deep-directional...

  • 30 September 2014

    Statoil, Shell and Sonatrach awarded acreage onshore Algeria

    Statoil and Shell were awarded the Timissit Permit License in the Illizi-Ghadames Basin onshore Algeria. The license is in southeastern Algeria and covers an area of 2,730 sq km...

  • 29 September 2014

    Rosneft discovers oil in Kara Sea

    Rosneft successfully completed the drilling of the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Arctic – the northernmost well in the world, according to the company, and discovered oil at the East-Prinovozemelskiy-1 license area...

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