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 DC readers are guardedly pessimistic regarding the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on their jobs and organizations. 40% foresee slashed budgets and are braced to “do more with less,” in the words of a recent survey on www.DrillingContractor.org. About one in four (24.5%), however, anticipate “minimal or no effect.”

DC readers braced for recession's impact

On the other hand, one in five respondents (19.5%) feared job loss, and about one in eight (12.2%) expected a pay cut.

Still, a fortunate few (4.1%) looked forward to a pay hike in the coming months.

This survey, announced in the 4 December edition of eNews from DrillingContractor.org, dovetails with the survey in this edition (see separate item), which queries DC readers on the near-term outlook for recruiting programs.

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