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New 3D LWD technology provides detailed representation of subsurface structures

Halliburton has introduced 3D reservoir mapping, a new logging-while-drilling (LWD) capability that allows for more precise geosteering and accurate well placement. The 3D inversion is an advanced reservoir mapping process that reveals overlooked features such as faults, water zones, or local structure variations. It moves beyond layered reservoir models to full 3D visualization of the reservoir, said Jeff Grable, Director of Drilling Solutions. In this video with DC, Mr Grable explains how the technology differentiates itself from existing LWD technologies and how it leverages Halliburton’s EarthStar capabilities, as well as a recent North Sea deployment. Watch the video for more information.

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Data Interoperability Workshop brings together experts to pave path for seamless data exchange

In April, more than 50 industry experts gathered at a Data Interoperability Workshop, held at IADC’s Houston headquarters. In this video with DC, Darryl Fett, Manager of Research for Drilling and Completions, Total, discusses key takeaways from the workshop and plans moving forward. Watch the video for more information...

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NOVOS evolves, with new emphasis on extracting value through optimization

When the NOVOS process automation platform was first introduced, the focus was on ensuring the system was operational and consistent. In this video, Matt Jackson, Product Development Engineering Supervisor with NOV, talks to DC about the optimization of an Appalachia well and how connection time was significantly reduced...

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New drilling automation platform optimizes steering, aids real-time decisions

A new drilling automation platform is aiding experts to make real-time drilling decisions to enable more accurate well placement, good borehole quality, optimum rate of penetration and consistency. Umut Zalluhoglu, R&D Engineering Advisor with Halliburton, spoke at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Q2 Technology Forum in Houston on 26 June about the customizable platform, which can be used to define optimal steering performance and automatically track the well plan. It also enables remote-controlled simultaneous execution of multiple drilling operations and reduces human-induced variance in drilling performance. In this video with DC, Mr Zalluhoglu explains the platform’s two modes of operation and the value that has been achieved.

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