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Completing the Well

IOGP JIP, configurable equipment platforms propel industry toward standardized completion designs


JIP 33 leads industry equipment standardization efforts to realize cost, time savings by ‘designing once, building many’ By Kelli Ainsworth Robinson, Associate Editor Oil and gas companies are increasingly looking to new business models and strategies that will help them maximize profits in a lower-for-longer environment. One approach that appears to be gaining momentum is equipment standardization, rather than developing bespoke designs for each project. Already, major operators are citing standardization as among critical factors that have allowed them to bring projects online under budget. In January 2017, BP announced that its Thunder Horse development in the Gulf of Mexico was brought online at more than 15% below budget because the operator and its partners relied on proven standardized equipment ...

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Next-generation fluid end technology reduces operating stress


Gardner Denver has developed a next-generation version of its SGWS fluid-end technology used in hydraulic fracturing, designed for extended service life. In this video from the 2018 OTC, Greg Hash, Director of Engineering for Gardner Denver, explains some of the design changes that were made that enable the new fluid end to reduce operating stress. He also discusses the company’s Falcon technology, which is built into the fluid end and helps reduce maintenance time...

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Fracturing innovations target improved equipment durability, optimized proppant placement

PackersPlus’ TREX QuickPORT IV sleeve has been deployed in the Permian Basin to address wireline and coiled-tubing issues in plug-and-perf in well laterals over 20,000 ft.

The oil and gas industry’s goals of reducing nonproductive time (NPT) and increasing production of unconventional resources are driving the evolution of hydraulic fracturing technologies. Especially as operators start to hit the natural physical limits of unconventional production, the need to optimize the fracking process has grown stronger, James West, Senior Managing Director for Oil Services, Equipment and Drilling with EvercoreISI, said. The optimization process differs by play, but overall, companies are looking for better well and fracture placement, as well as different sizing and staging of frac clusters...

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