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Completing the Well

Sales of zonal isolation packers surge with resurgence of well drilling operations

According to a recent study from Fact.MR, sales of zonal isolation packers exceeded 25,438 units in 2018 and are estimated to surpass 26,000 units in 2019. The study found an increasing need from operators to address the issue of gas migration, which continues to be one of the longstanding challenges requiring immediate attention. This, in turn, is paving favorable grounds for adoption of effective zonal isolation technologies, including zonal isolation packers. According to the study, one of the chief aspects fueling demand is rising need for effective zonal isolation technologies to prevent damage of casing and other formations in a wellbore. Moreover, zonal isolation packers are also widely used as an ideal anchor point for effective production tubing, creating untapped potential ...

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BHGE introduces lightweight, non-composite conventional frac plug

A new conventional frac plug constructed completely from an engineered alloy is 70% lighter than conventional material. The MILLITE plug, just released by BHGE, cleans up and mills out smoother than any other conventional plug on the market, said Stacey Meredith, Frac Plug Product Line Manager with BHGE. It offers something completely new to the industry. With a specific gravity of 1.8, the fine debris floats out of the well without additional cleaning or costly chemicals. At 13 in., its design produces a lower volume of debris than standard plugs. In this video from the 2019 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference on 6 February in The Woodlands, Texas, she also talks about key features of the plug and the results achieved ...

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New pressure-pumping technology reduces footprint while increasing horsepower

AFGlobal recently completed its field evaluation of the DuraStim pressure-pumping technology in the Permian Basin. The technology offers three times the effective horsepower of a conventional frac unit, as well as a 65% reduction in fleet footprint and manpower. In this video from the 2019 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference in The Woodlands, Texas, DC speaks with Tom Gable, Director of DuraStim Pump Technologies for AFGlobal, about the new pump, including its benefits, results achieved in the Permian project, as well as potential future applications.

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Joint SPE/ICoTA Conference to showcase impact of data and latest technologies for well interventions

Digitalization and innovation are just a few of the key focus areas of this year’s SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition, taking place 26-27 March in The Woodlands, Texas. According to Matt Billingham and Ron Zbitowsky, Conference Chair and Vice Chair, this event has something for everyone. Hosted jointly by SPE and the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA), the conference includes more than 60 peer-selected technical presentations of interest to E&P professionals. “Attendees will walk away with valuable knowledge and skills to advance their business goals and support their professional development, from automated wireline milling in the intervention solutions session to vertical seismic profiling in the new data enhanced interventions session,” Mr Zbitowsky said. According to Mr Billingham, “There ...

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Reveal Energy Services commercializes frac hit analysis service

Reveal Energy Services has announced the commercialization of the FracEYE frac hit analysis service to expand the industry’s knowledge base about the critical issue of parent well-child well communication. With ongoing infill development, frac hits from the pressure communication between wells can cause significant production decreases in parent wells. Child wells can also underperform. The goal of Reveal Energy Services was to clearly define the effect of frac hits and allow operators to make timely adjustments to their completion designs. The foundation of the service is the company’s pressure-based technology. The service categorizes the type and severity of interwell communication by measuring the pressure response from a parent well as hydraulic fracturing proceeds normally in child wells. A team of ...

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DynaEnergetics completes field trials of new DS Trinity perforating system

DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global, announced it achieved a 100% success rate on field trials of its new DS Trinity perforating system. DS Trinity, which features three charges on a single plane, is a member of the DynaStage family of factory-assembled, performance-assured perforating systems. The field trials were conducted in 6-in. casing using a 4-in. outer diameter (OD) DS Trinity system...

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