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Ecuador completions use ICDs to control early water breakthrough, allow uniform drainage

Posted on 04 February 2010 in 2010, Completing the Well, January/February

Petroamazonas is making the most of its horizontal wells in Ecuador’s Amazon jungle by completing these wells using inflow control devices (ICDs). Awareness of the…

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Reliable expandable connections: Exclusive video

Posted on 08 December 2009 in Completing the Well, Innovating While Drilling, News

Expandables represent one of the most talked-about and hailed technologies in the drilling and completion arsenal, ever since their introduction by Shell…

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Exclusive video: Results of audience surveys at Completions Conference

Posted on 24 November 2009 in Completing the Well, News, The Offshore Frontier

Results of audience surveys at the 2009 IADC Completions Conference held some surprising results…

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Case studies: High-density elastic cements applied to solve HPHT challenges in South Texas

Posted on 15 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, Innovating While Drilling, November/December

Well cementing operations in South Texas tend to present a number of challenges to those responsible for constructing oil and gas wells. For instance, the temperatures…

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Wellbore re-entries and repairs: practical guidelines for cementing new casing inside existing casing

Posted on 13 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, November/December

Whether a well is being re-entered after having been abandoned for some time or it simply needs to be repaired to be functional, many operators choose to cement…

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Monobore completion system provides simple, low-cost option for short-life expectancy wells

Posted on 09 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, November/December

Many wells completed today can be classified as short-life or harvest wells. Some of these would not be economically feasible using high-end completion…

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All shales are not equal: Emerging resource prompting customized completion solutions

Posted on 09 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, November/December, Onshore Advances

There is new abundance in the land of plenty. This time the bounty is not in amber waves of grain, but in the vast and resource-rich plays of US land shales…

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New liquid microsphere design simplifies HPL cementing, enhances density flexibility

Posted on 03 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, July/August

As wells become increasingly complex, so do the cementing solutions required to support the casing strings and reliably isolate pay zones for long-term…

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Beyond bumping the plug: Wyoming project improves cementing by measuring real value

Posted on 03 November 2009 in 2009, Completing the Well, July/August, Onshore Advances

Although cementing costs typically represent less than 10% of total planned wells costs for US onshore operations, failure to get good zonal isolation…

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Deepwater cement design optimized for record-length expandable liner in Gulf of Mexico

Posted on 30 October 2009 in 2008, Completing the Well, September/October, The Offshore Frontier

By Don Schultz, Greg Pollard, Nexen Petroleum; George Fuller, Joey Langlinais, Michael Serio, Jasen Bradley, Halliburton During a sidetrack operation out of 9 7/8-in. casing on a deepwater well in Green Canyon Block 243, Gulf of Mexico, unexpected hole conditions were encountered that required the use of an additional casing string. The decision was made […]

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