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Drilling It Safely

More safety and efficiency needed in 24-hour rig moves

When it comes to current rig moves, accounting for 37% of incidents in 2018, there is room for safety and efficiency gains. Whether it is how the rig itself is designed, with added input from the trucking industry to improve the hauling of the equipment, or a system for maintaining both day and night crews to keep up with the 24-hour demand, there is opportunity to improve. Tom Halliday, VP of Operations at Aveda Transportation and Energy Services, spoke on a panel at the 2019 IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition in Houston on 16 May. In this video, Mr Halliday discusses his greatest challenges as a rig mover, plans the IADC Rig Moving Committee has to draft best practices ...

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Human factors integration puts spotlight on context first, the individual second

By Sarah Junek, Associate Editor Human performance is an outcome of what someone does, which is influenced by not just one human factor but many. An integration of the factors of human error – plant, process and people – will determine a particular outcome. Equipment might have a good/bad design feature, a procedure might not be explained or hidden in a manual that is too thick, and fatigue or organizational culture might influence the final result. Every situation and job site is different, so it’s important to look at how human factors can be integrated and determine how they influence each other in a particular decision, Sandra Adkins, Global Wells Organization Safety Advisor for Human Performance at BP, said at ...

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