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IADC, Regulation, and Legislation

From the President/CEO: Through tough times, IADC will maintain focus on safety, crew competence, cost reductions

Stephen Colville, IADC President/CEO

Our industry is facing the most difficult of times. Internally within your companies, shareholders, executive boards and senior leadership are asking you to do more with less. Outside, customers are beating you over the head on costs and performance metrics, while competitors are nipping at your heels and regulators continue to crack the safety whip.

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On 27 May, IADC submitted a response to the US Department of the Interior’s proposed rule to revise and add new requirements to regulations for exploratory drilling and related operations on the Outer Continental Shelf seaward of the state of Alaska. The proposed rule was issued jointly by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) on 24 February 2015.

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From the Chairman: Ensuring crew competency through WellSharp prepares industry for future growth in the next upturn


We are surrounded with warning systems as we go through our everyday routines. From those that are small – an alarm to wake us up in the morning, the low battery warning on our computers, the engine warning light on our cars – to the large, like tornado, hurricane and severe storm warnings. In all cases, we have, or should have, the knowledge, skills and abilities to react to the warnings we receive.

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News Cuttings


The IADC North Sea Chapter (NSC) has once again recognized the very best in safety performance at its annual Safety Awards Ceremony, held in Aberdeen on 24 April. Then-NSC Chairman Lee Reborse welcomed a large turnout at the event. Guest speakers included Tom Burke, President and CEO of Rowan Companies, and Jim House, VP North Sea for Apache.

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Drilling Ahead: When we don’t tell our story, other people will


By Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor The drilling industry has always taken pride in its technical accomplishments, and rightly so. It takes pride in the innovative spirit that makes the industry so good at a lot of things – from building highly efficient and automated rigs for ultra-deepwater to developing horizontal drilling techniques that have enabled the North American shale revolution. On these and many other technical grounds, where we primarily look to only ourselves for progress, the industry is solid. Where we’re on shakier ground are areas where we have to engage and communicate with people outside of the industry – namely, regulators and the general public. This was made very clear in June at IADC World Drilling 2015 in ...

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