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IADC, Regulation, and Legislation

BSEE increases safety inspection time offshore


Beginning 1 April, the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is increasing physical inspection time offshore, while reducing taxpayer burden by nearly $20 million over 3.5 years, providing significant cost-savings to the American public. Exploring ways to make inspections more efficient and reduce helicopter-operating expenses, a team of BSEE leaders in the Gulf of Mexico Region developed the new approach...

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New members named to WCI board


The IADC Executive Committee has confirmed the nominations of three new members to the Well Control Institute (WCI) Board of Directors. Dr Tom Burke, President and CEO of Rowan Companies, has taken the place of David Williams, who recently retired from Noble Drilling. Mike Holcomb, President of Patterson-UTI Drilling, has replaced John Lindsay of Helmerich & Payne. Thom Roller, Director of Worldwide Drilling for Apache, has taken the place of Roger Jenkins of Murphy. Both Mr Lindsay’s and Mr Jenkins’ terms on the Board had expired...

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From the President: Commitment to safety must not waver as industry works toward zero incidents


At IADC conferences, chapter meetings and meetings with individual IADC members, I often talk about the association’s commitment to serving as a valuable resource for our membership. And here, still at the beginning of a new year, it bears repeating. I’ve learned a lot in my 20-plus years with this association, and chief among what I’ve learned is that IADC is only successful if our membership believes in our mission and is willing to volunteer their time and expertise in support of that mission. I’m proud of the legacy that we’ve built and continue to build, and prouder still that our members share the belief that our industry is better because it has an association that advocates for the interests of its members...

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BSEE-sponsored report on subsea bolting technology released


In an effort to address a recurring problem with faulty connectors in critical safety equipment, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) commissioned a National Academy of Engineering study on the matter in September 2016. After 18 months of study, the report entitled “High-Performance Bolting Technology for Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations” was published Friday...

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Zinke announces changes to oil and gas inspection program


US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced a series of new initiatives to strengthen the federal offshore oil and gas inspection program. Secretary Zinke highlighted a risk-based inspection element and an increase in the amount of time allotted for physical inspection of offshore facilities as two of six initiatives that the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) will institute before mid-2018. Secretary Zinke’s announcement at the 2018 CERAWeek conference coincides with the US offshore’s highest oil production year on record, totaling 629 million barrels during 2017...

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IADC Nigeria Chapter advances multiple initiatives on equipment, competency


Rebound of activities in the drilling sector in Nigeria only just beginning, and drilling contractors must face increasing challenges around equipment maintenance, workforce competency and regulatory control. Ote Enaibe, Chairman of the IADC Nigeria Chapter, said the group has several ongoing initiatives to help its members address these challenges. These include partnering with educational institutions on drilling and completion curriculums and with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board on skills acquisitions programs. In this video, Mr Enaibe also discusses the chapter’s collaboration with OEMs, as well as its continuing work to help members achieve nonproductive time by 20% by 2020. Watch the video to find out more...

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IADC ready to help offshore contractors ramp up activity in 2018


The downturn has put increased pressure on the oil and gas industry to become more efficient, particularly because many analysts and executives are expecting low oil prices to linger for some time. This reality was reflected in the theme of the 2018 SPE/IADC Middle East Drilling Technology Conference, ”Building on today’s efficiencies for tomorrow’s market,” held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In this video from the conference on 29 January, Jim Thorn, IADC Division Vice President-International Onshore, explains how the conference’s theme is applicable to offshore drilling contractors. He also discusses some of the challenges, particularly around staffing and training, confronting offshore contractors in 2018 as their activity is expected to ramp up. Mr Thorn explains how IADC’s efforts can help contractors tackle these challenges...

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Regulatory climate shifting, positioning US for energy dominance


Under the Trump Administration, the oil and gas industry has transitioned from a defensive player constantly working against regulatory red tape to one poised for energy dominance, said Kathleen Sgamma, President of Western Energy Alliance (WEA), a trade and lobbying group. Still, legal and regulatory hurdles remain, and the WEA is working to challenge rules that curtail oil and natural gas development, such as those related to methane emissions and public land use planning. In this video from the IADC HSE&T Conference in Houston on 6 February, Ms Sgamma discusses the group’s regulatory rollback efforts, which include reducing approval time for a drilling permit from an average time of 257 days to 30-45 days. The group is also focusing on reducing federal regulations for drilling permits for wells with long laterals that run through small portions of federal lands. Watch the video for more information....

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IADC HSE Committee advances work on safety alerts, dropped object prevention


The IADC HSE Committee continues to maintain its focus on two ongoing initiatives that aim to improve safety in the drilling industry – the Incident Statistics Program (ISP) and the IADC Safety Alert Program. Clyde Loll, Corporate Director of QHSE with Nabors Corporate Services, recently stepped into his role as Co-Chairman of the committee and spoke with Drilling Contractor about the group’s plans and activities at the 2018 IADC HSE&T Conference on 6 February in Houston. In addition to the ISP and Safety Alerts, the HSE Committee also continues to assist and collaborate with the North American DROPS network. The DROPSonline organization recently published a recommended practice for dropped object prevention schemes and updated the Reliable Securing Handbook. Watch DC’s video with Mr Loll to find out more...

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