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IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges

Editorial: Don’t use market correction to justify lesser training as it could set back all momentum on safety

Ed Jacob TN

I have been an active member of IADC for more than 30 years and a member of this industry for more than 40. This year’s market correction has changed the landscape for drilling contractors, and while times have been tough for all of us, I am proud of what our association has accomplished this year. It is in the toughest of times that we prove our strength, and IADC has a 75-year history to back up its formidable strength.

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Ensuring better regulation: IADC continues to engage Texas Railroad Commission on Rule 13

RRC Commissioner Christi Craddick (center) meets with Liz Craddock (from left), IADC VP – Policy and Government Affairs; Stephen Colville, IADC President/CEO; Mark Denkowski, IADC Executive VP – Operational Integrity; and Mike Garvin, Senior VP, Operations Support, for Patterson-UTI.

Securing better regulation is a key objective of IADC. Ensuring that any regulation is necessary, operationally appropriate and implementable, fit for purpose, affordable, and appropriate with no unforeseen consequences is key to the strategy of the association’s Policy, Government and Regulatory Affairs (PGRA) division.

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