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IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges

Drilling Ahead: When we don’t tell our story, other people will


By Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor The drilling industry has always taken pride in its technical accomplishments, and rightly so. It takes pride in the innovative spirit that makes the industry so good at a lot of things – from building highly efficient and automated rigs for ultra-deepwater to developing horizontal drilling techniques that have enabled the North American shale revolution. On these and many other technical grounds, where we primarily look to only ourselves for progress, the industry is solid. Where we’re on shakier ground are areas where we have to engage and communicate with people outside of the industry – namely, regulators and the general public. This was made very clear in June at IADC World Drilling 2015 in ...

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IADC launches WellSharp well control training, assessment program


IADC unveiled WellSharp, the drilling industry’s new well control training and assessment program, during OTC in Houston on 6 May. A collaborative, industrywide, industry-led effort to redefine well control training produced WellSharp, which emphasizes rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities, whether office-based or rig-based.

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