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Innovating While Drilling

Baker Hughes introduces long-life PDC bit to reduce trips in high horsepower drilling operations

The Dynamus bit is built on a new, robust frame that incorporates stabilizing elements to prevent lateral vibrations as well as proprietary cutters engineered to minimize wear.

Baker Hughes Incorporated announced the commercial release of its Dynamus extended-life polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bit which can significantly reduce drilling costs by eliminating trips to replace bits or bottomhole assembly (BHA) tools that wear out in high horsepower drilling operations. The Dynamus bit is built on a robust frame that incorporates stabilizing elements to prevent lateral vibrations as well as proprietary cutters engineered to minimize wear...

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Xvision Software launches first cloud-based technology to digitize offshore field development


Xvision Software has launched FieldAP, the first 100% cloud-based technology for the energy industry providing offshore project managers with an online tool for visual field development, digital planning and cost containment. The online tool is capable of accelerating project timelines by up to 80%, especially during the early concept and FEED phases. These time savings can drive cost savings as high as 70% across the life of the project. FieldAP uniquely brings all offshore field development project data – assets and activities, both subsea and topside – into plain sight through easy-to-understand online 2D/3D visualizations. The tool’s digital working environment also provides the power of real-time multi-location collaboration, allowing users a lower risk of communications errors, reduced costs in the ...

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BP takes leap forward in seismic imaging technology


BP announced a major breakthrough in seismic imaging that has identified more than 200 million barrels of additional resources at BP’s Atlantis field in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM). As a result of this early success, BP now is deploying this technique to fields elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in Azerbaijan, Angola, and Trinidad and Tobago. The innovation has enabled BP to enhance the clarity of images that it collects during seismic surveys, particularly areas below the earth’s surface that complex salt structures previously obscured or distorted. The sharper seismic images mean that BP can drill new development wells in deepwater reservoirs with higher confidence and accuracy. “This technological breakthrough has essentially allowed our team to ...

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Petrobras finds success in using adapted MPD techniques for deepwater completions operations

Figure 1: Multiple-zone completions for carbonate reservoirs, like intelligent well completions (IWC) used in pre-salt areas, usually do not have a separate lower completion that isolates the formation during the whole upper completion deployment. To address this, new designs for IWC were put in place. In this case, a separate lower completion is installed to temporarily isolate the loss zone, while the upper completion is installed on a second run.

Brazilian oil and gas production has progressively migrated to offshore areas during the past decades, with the most prolific plays being found in the Campos Basin deepwater blocks. This scenario has led to significant technology development and application, turning Petrobras into one of the most experienced deepwater operators...

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Drill bit adapts depth-of-cut control to mitigate stick-slip, enhance ROP

Figure 1 shows an 8 3/4-in. prototype of the bit, with adjustable units installed. The bit mitigates vibrations by resisting rapid changes in depth-of-cut that occur during unfavorable dynamic events. This adjustment is accomplished through a passive hydro-mechanical feedback mechanism encapsulated in self-contained units that are installed inside the bit blades.

Mitigating vibrations during drilling remains a challenge for many fixed polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC) bits, particularly as drillers attempt to drill longer sections in a single bit run. Vibration arising from torsional stick-slip and impact loading in interbedded formation and transition can cause premature damage to a drill bit and other components in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) – ultimately hindering drilling performance....

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