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Innovating While Drilling®

New rotary steerable system designed for high performance in long laterals

Rotary steerable systems (RSS) are often built with sensors and capabilities that are “nice to haves” but not mission critical. Stripping away such non-essential features can lower the cost of an RSS without compromising performance, Paul Neil, Director of Steerable Technologies at National Oilwell Varco (NOV), explains in this video from the 2018 OTC in Houston on 2 May. NOV has developed the VectorEDGE RSS to deliver strong performance in long laterals in a cost-efficient manner. In this video, he discusses the key features of the system, including its closed-loop control system. He also describes the testing that has been done on this RSS in advance of its commercialization later this year...

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Halliburton introduces InnerVue non-intrusive pipeline and wellbore diagnostics

Halliburton introduced InnerVue non-intrusive pipeline and wellbore diagnostics, a technology that quickly and accurately detects blockages or leaks and profiles deposits in pipelines and wellbores. Without the need for intrusive intervention, InnerVue diagnostics interprets pressure waves reflecting from internal features of the pipeline or wellbore and extrapolates the pressure reflections into deposit profiles or blockage and leak locations...

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Electric roller screw-activated choke delivers quick, accurate response when installed in manifold

Many existing hydraulic and electric chokes used to control surface backpressure during managed pressure drilling (MPD) weren’t specifically designed for use in MPD operations. Tolomatic set out to design a choke that would deliver a quick and accurate response in the face of changing pressure demands encountered during MPD operations. In this video from the 2018 SPE/IADC Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference on 18 April in New Orleans, La., Ryan Klemetson, Business Development Manager for Tolomatic, explains the drivers for developing ServoChoke, an electric roller screw-activated choke, and how it works. He also discusses the company’s collaboration with Pruitt Optimal to build the choke into Pruitt’s manifold, as well as the results observed when the manifold was deployed...

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Condition monitoring system under development to predict wellbore seal failures

Often, operators aren’t aware that a wellbore seal needs to be replaced until a leak or loss of pressure occurs. AFGlobal is developing and testing a condition monitoring program for seals in an active wellbore sealing device to determine when a seal is nearing the end of its useful life before any leaks or pressure losses occur, leaving hours to spare before a change is required...

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