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Jellison: Challenging shale wells require creative pipe, drill string solutions

Posted on 06 March 2013 in IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, Onshore Advances

When typical wells in the Bakken Shale are 17,000-ft MD, 11,000-ft TVD with a 6,000-ft horizontal reach, demands on drill pipe become significantly higher, Michael Jellison, NOV Grant Prideco, said at the 2013 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference & Exhibition on 5 March in Amsterdam. “It pushes the drilling equipment and rig crews beyond the requirements of typical onshore well construction projects.” Further, these wells can have high bottomhole formation temperatures that, in some cases, approach…

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Fuel management system opens window to engine usage, reduces fuel requirements, emissions

Posted on 28 February 2013 in 2013, March/April, News, Onshore Advances, The Efficient Rig

In the ongoing push for more rig automation, Canrig Drilling Technology has developed a computer-based fuel management…

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GE: Shale water challenges call for flexible solutions

Posted on 12 February 2013 in News, Onshore Advances

When it comes to unconventionals, the focus over the past several years has been around water…

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Tailored engineering, automation to drive optimized fracturing

Posted on 30 January 2013 in 2013, Completing the Well, January/February, Onshore Advances

Rush into manufacturing mode may be leading to less efficient frac designs, forfeiting valuable information, production in shales. If you look at the estimated…

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Advanced technology on simple wells puts focus on performance

Posted on 30 January 2013 in 2013, Innovating While Drilling, January/February, Onshore Advances, The Efficient Rig

Applying same drilling practices to both complex and basic wells builds skills, capability, can reduce overall costs if done right. In 2012, we drilled about 2,500…

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Closed-loop separation system tackles common air drilling HSE risks

Posted on 30 January 2013 in 2013, Drilling It Safely, Innovating While Drilling, January/February, Onshore Advances

Air drilling operations are feeling the impact of an increasingly complex global regulatory environment. From dust to open pits and tanks, traditional air drilling…

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Independence Drilling showcases dual-fuel rig with integrated walking system

Posted on 13 December 2012 in Innovating While Drilling, News, Onshore Advances, The Efficient Rig, Videos

Independence Contract Drilling introduced its newest-design 1,500-hp ShaleDriller Rig 201 in Houston on 7 December…

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Ferus uses LNG to fuel well stimulation project in Eagle Ford

Posted on 30 November 2012 in Global and Regional Markets, News, Onshore Advances, The Efficient Rig

Ferus has successfully completed one of the first hydraulic fracturing operations utilizing LNG as engine fuel in North America…

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Seneca/Ensign rigs switch to LNG for power in Marcellus

Posted on 29 November 2012 in Drilling It Safely, Global and Regional Markets, Innovating While Drilling, News, Onshore Advances, The Efficient Rig

Seneca Resources Corp and Ensign Drilling have installed two GE gas engines to power the first LNG-fueled drilling rigs…

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Automated rig built to enable operator’s ‘hands off’ philosophy

Posted on 17 September 2012 in 2012, Innovating While Drilling, Onshore Advances, September/October

n the early 20th century, automation was not widely used in industrial work. This changed in 1947 when General Motors established an automation department…

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