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The Offshore Frontier

Subsea Safety System provides electrohydraulic control of subsea safety tree


Halliburton has released the Dash 3-in. Subsea Safety System for electrohydraulic control of the company’s subsea safety tree. Previously, control was provided through direct hydraulic pressure from the surface. This latest edition to the Dash series employs the speed of electrohydraulic actuation in core safety functions while still providing full direct hydraulic redundant control of all functions. This helps to increase reliability and provide more cost-efficient operation and maintenance.

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Marc Edwards: Industry must work to reduce deepwater costs, cycle times

The industry needs to focus on reducing the cycle times and costs for deepwater projects, Marc Edwards, President and CEO of Diamond Offshore Drilling, said at the 2015 IADC Annual General Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

A recovery in global oil prices will come down the road, but the deepwater sector –which was challenged already at $100 oil, never mind $50 oil – must make changes now to prepare for that next upturn. In particular, the industry must work to reduce the cost of deepwater projects and to shorten deepwater cycle times, Marc Edwards, President and CEO of Diamond Offshore Drilling, said.

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