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BP launches robotic core-flooding system

Posted on 10 November 2014 in Innovating While Drilling, News, Onshore Advances, The Offshore Frontier

The complete automation and workflow optimization in BP’s new Core Flood Robot enables hundreds of core flood tests to be performed each year, rather than dozens…

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Statoil suspends 2 rigs due to overcapacity

Posted on 06 November 2014 in Global and Regional Markets, News, The Offshore Frontier

Statoil has decided to suspend two new rigs due to overcapacity in the rig portfolio. Transocean Spitsbergen and Songa Trym will be suspended through 2014, a period which might be extended…

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Troubled waters

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Features, Global and Regional Markets, November/December, The Offshore Frontier

The ingredients for a troubled deepwater market – flattening rig demand, increasing costs and falling oil prices – have been brewing in the past year. A number of deepwater projects have been postponed, and the industry…

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The other precious resource

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Drilling It Safely, Features, November/December

What happens when a world thirsty for hydrocarbons meets a world competing for water? In the unconventionals sector, that collision of commodities is playing out across a variety of environmental and usage issues…

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Fertile grounds

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Features, Global and Regional Markets, November/December, Onshore Advances

The onshore market has been a beacon for the global drilling industry, reflecting growth and improved efficiencies in the past year. This momentum is expected to guide the industry in the coming year…

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2014 operational summary: Year of delivery for IADC divisions

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, IADC: Global Leadership, Global Challenges, November/December

The IADC Operational Integrity (OI) Division, comprising the Onshore, Offshore, Drilling and Well Servicing, QA/QC, and Accreditation and Credentialing Divisions, devoted time and expertise to promoting the interests…

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Analyst: Drilling sees little impact, for now, from Russian sanctions

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Global and Regional Markets, November/December

When the US and European Union expanded sanctions on Russia in September, the energy industry took note. Companies such as ExxonMobil have announced their compliance…

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Reduce, control, recycle at heart of smart water management strategy

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Drilling It Safely, November/December

Water is essential to oilfield operations. However, already limited water resources are increasingly in demand. Growing populations, climate change, water limitations and increasing water demand are resulting in unmet needs…

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Drilling & Completion News

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Departments, November/December

Drillmec has designed an automated drilling rig called AHEAD, Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller. It reduces the rig footprint by approximately 50%…

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Geometric evolution

Posted on 05 November 2014 in 2014, Completing the Well, Features, November/December

In an industry not prone to taking leaps of faith, multilateral completions have yet to make that pivotal niche-to-mainstream transition. Instead, it has remained a slow, steady and evolving market driven by…

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    New MWD/LWD service rated to 392°F, 25,000 psi sets records in Haynesville

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    Kosmos Energy finds hydrocarbons in CB-1 exploration well offshore Western Sahara

    Kosmos Energy announced that the CB-1 exploration well located in the Cap Boujdour permit area offshore Western Sahara encountered hydrocarbons. The well penetrated...

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    Maersk Voyager drillship secures contract for work offshore Ghana

    Maersk Drilling has been awarded a contract from Eni Ghana Exploration and Production, an Eni subsidiary, for employment of the newbuild drillship Maersk Voyager...

  • 02 March 2015

    Wisco Moran debuts Padwise 1 walking rig in Texas

    The trend among drilling contractors to install walking systems on rigs has solved a major logistical problem for operators on multiwell pads – negating the need for costly...

  • 26 February 2015

    JDC inaugurates Hakuryu 12 jackup, looks to growth in Middle East, Myanmar and Russia

    The Japanese word “hakuryu” means “white dragon.” In Asia, dragons are strongly associated with oceans. They also represent power and blessings...

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