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Proposed JIP would create standard for sensor verification and validation


As the drilling industry increasingly relies on sensor data to feed rig automation, it’s essential to ensure sensor accuracy. However, there is currently no industry standard for independently verifying and validating sensor accuracy, Maria Araujo, R&D Manager for Southwest Research Institute, said at an IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Technology Forum on 21 March in Houston. Southwest Research Institute is proposing a new joint industry project (JIP) to establish such a standard. In this video from the forum, Ms Araujo outlines the timeline and key deliverables of the first phase of this three-phase JIP, including prioritizing the sensors to be validated and verified. She also explains how companies can get involved in the JIP...

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New acoustic listening platform equipped with full-spectrum sensors


Acoustic technology has been used in the oil and gas industry to detect leaks and evaluate cement bonding for years. However, the sensitivity of these technologies has been limited, so low-energy leaks weren’t always detected. At the 2018 SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference, Archer launched the VIVID acoustic listening platform, equipped with sensitive, full-spectrum acoustic sensors. In this video from the conference on 27 March, Peter Kleinbichler, Wireline Vice President of Sales and Marketing, discusses how the platform’s sensors enable it to detect a broad range of frequencies. This ability, he explains, allows the VIVID platform to not only verify the presence of cement but also detect the quality of the cement job. Further, he describes the testing performed on the platform at the International Research Institute at Stavanger...

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New geosteering platform offers high-resolution, real-time measurements


Most existing geosteering methods require operators to wait for cuttings to return from the bit, or for logging-while-drilling tools placed back from the bit to analyze the cuttings. AnTech has launched RockSense, a high-resolution geosteering system that provides near-instantaneous measurements on conditions at the bit so a directional driller can quickly determine which formation is being drilled...

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Milling service designed to reach total depth in extended laterals with one run


With traditional milling services, operators often have to make multiple runs to mill out every plug in an extended lateral. Sometimes, the bottomhole assembly cannot reach the lower sections of the well with enough weight-on-bit to remove the deepest plugs. To help operators reach total depth in a single trip in extended lateral wells, Baker Hughes, a GE company, has launched the coiled-tubing-conveyed Versa Drive extended lateral milling service. In this video from 27 March at the 2018 SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference in the Woodlands, Texas, Erik van Steveninck, Global Product Line Manager, Thru-Tubing Intervention, explains how the Versa Drive is able to reach and remove every plug in a single run. He also discusses a recent field trial in the Permian, during which the service was used to mill out 68 plugs in a single run, without chemicals...

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