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Editorial: Safety, quality, diverse workforce will pave path to better industry, future innovations


As I think about the challenges facing us in 2018, I am reminded of that new year’s curse – “May you have an interesting year.” 2018 will almost certainly deliver that. According to Haynes and Boone, from January 2015 to October 2017, 134 North American oil and gas producers filed for bankruptcy. The sum of these filings involved $80 billion of secured and unsecured debt. Over the same period, 155 oilfield service companies filed for bankruptcy with a cumulative debt of $43.6 billion. Of the seven largest filings, five were major international offshore drillers...

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Analysis of competence assurance programs reveals best practices, evolving policies, common challenges


In 2009, IADC initiated a Competence Assurance Accreditation (CAA) program to provide a means and a model for oil and gas related companies to establish an industry standard to maximize the impact of competence assurance programs. This standard is designed to define effective ways to develop and maintain employee competence, such that every employee is competent to perform his or her job role successfully and consistently. CAA has become a global standard for the structure and management of these programs, and 22 companies’ Terms and Definitions...

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5 principles for upgrading your behavior-based safety programs


Imagine using a piece of technology from last century to solve a problem in this century. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening for too many organizations in the world of safety. By some accounts, behavior-based safety was introduced into the American workplace as far back as the 1930s. Since then, it has become a mainstay for many US organizations trying to keep their workers safe. The problem is that times have changed, but behavior-based safety hasn’t. It’s still largely a pencil-to-paper system of peer-to-peer observations that leans too heavily on identifying and disciplining bad worker behavior...

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HSE&T Corner: Digital checklist for field service representatives improves accountability and service quality, standardizes rig engagement

Checklists, unlike procedures, are designed to be used in the field on a daily basis, Terry Barrett, CEO for CAVU International, said at the 2017 IADC Human Factors Conference in October in Galveston, Texas. On the other hand, procedures are meant to capture knowledge and best practices and can be hundreds of pages long.

Pilots, air traffic controllers and airplane mechanics are no less susceptible to human error than anyone else. Yet commercial airlines fly billions of passengers around the world every year while experiencing very few incidents or fatalities. “What did they do? They put in checklists,” Terry Barrett, Chief Operating Office for CAVU International, said on 17 October at the 2017 IADC Human Factors Conference in Galveston, Texas...

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2018 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference abstracts


Apply a unique approach and workflow to transform data into usable knowledge supporting multi-rig deepwater operations to aid the reduction of well cycle time and remain economically competitive during low cost oil environment. Maximize the utilization and concise visualization of surface digital data providing invaluable insight to achieve reliable, efficient and world-class performance excellence. Establish data-driven well construction optimization process to achieve rig operations consistency closer to the technical limit. ...

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Process automation may provide next performance differentiator in ultra-competitive shale market


Right now, it’s survival. There are a lot of people struggling to make the money that is required for their businesses, and we have to think about how our businesses are going to evolve going forward. Everyone is having to work out how they can make money with minimal investment. One way is consolidation, which we’ll likely see more of in the coming years. Another way is to find lower-cost and more innovative ways to do things...

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Vantage Drilling announces contract for Topaz Driller

Vantage Drilling is mobilizing the Topaz Driller to work for Ophir in Thailand.

Vantage Drilling announced that it has entered into a contract with New Age Cameroon Offshore Petroleum for its premium jackup rig, the Topaz Driller, to perform drilling services in Cameroon for 150 days. “We are very pleased to announce this contract with New Age for the Topaz Driller in Cameroon,” said Ihab Toma, CEO of Vantage. “This contract will enable us to have two of our premium jackup rigs operating in West Africa after we mobilize the Topaz Driller from Asia to Cameroon. Our rigs and crews have proven and continue to prove to our clients that Vantage is a leader in safety and operational performance in the region. We look forward to commencing work for our esteemed client.”

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Shell announces large deepwater discovery in Gulf of Mexico


Shell has announced one of its largest US Gulf of Mexico exploration finds in the past decade from the Whale deepwater well. The well encountered more than 1,400 net ft (427 m) of oil-bearing pay. Evaluation of the discovery is ongoing, and appraisal drilling is under way to further delineate the discovery and define development options. “Deepwater is an important growth priority as we reshape Shell into a world-class investment case,” said Andy Brown, Upstream Director for Royal Dutch Shell. “Today’s announcement shows how, through exploration, we are sustaining a strong pipeline of discoveries and future projects to sustain this deepwater growth.” Whale is operated by Shell (60%) and co-owned by Chevron (40%). It was discovered in the Alaminos Canyon ...

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