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Drilling Rigs & Automation

Process automation becoming key enabler for optimization as market moves deeper into industrialization

Kevin Neveu, President and CEO, Precision Drilling

I would say there are two main things that are on my mind, and the first is wide-scale adoption of industrialized principles. When there’s industrialization, like the kind we see in the unconventionals where we’re mass-producing a large number of identical wells, it really allows you to optimize each step of the process and make significant improvements in efficiency...

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SIMOPs, continuous pumping may help operators create additional value as sizes of well pads expand


Within Total, we have identified safety as a value rather than as a priority. That’s because priorities can change due to environmental factors. For us, safety is a pillar on which we build everything else. We manage and control the risks associated with our activities, both for our employees and for the communities in which we undertake these activities. We also minimize their impact for future generations...

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Industry must leverage data, automation to create collaborative workflows that eliminate waste


A couple of big challenges come to mind, and first and foremost is keeping talent and getting the right skill sets for our employees. As technology changes and as we find better ways to adopt those technologies into our industry, it’s critically important that we train our workforce so they have the proper skills to deploy those technologies. More and more, our employees are technical specialists, not generalists. We don’t just have petroleum or drilling engineers. We have data scientists and black-belt process experts, as well as application development engineers and integrated planning personnel. The staffing transformation is well under way...

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Next-level automation to go beyond discrete processes, linking data and workflows with digital technologies


To advance drilling efficiencies and ensure profitability for entire supply chain, industry also must shift toward outcome-based contracts on a larger scale By Kelli Ainsworth Robinson, Associate Editor Arindam Bhattacharya is President of Schlumberger Land Rigs. What do you see as the most critical challenges facing oilfield service companies in the current environment? The most fundamental challenge that we continue to face is helping operators reduce their finding and development costs. Over the years, that has not changed; what has changed is our external environment. The oil price has gone through a big shock due to the downturn. We have been at $50 to $60 oil for the past two years, and there is a consensus that we have to ...

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Technology partnerships allowing industry to tap new expertise, unrealized potential of automation


Companies moving to fully embrace digitalization as they realize that cost-cutting won’t lead to innovations the industry needs to face future challenges By Kelli Ainsworth Robinson, Associate Editor Etienne Roux is President, Drilling and Evaluation, for Weatherford. What do you consider to be the most critical issues facing the drilling industry today? It’s probably no surprise, but I think the two that stand out are still efficiency and safety. In today’s environment, those are the considerations that drive most decision-making in our industry. As an industry, over the past couple of years, we have achieved a lot of cost efficiency through a brute force approach of cost cutting. We’ve done all we can on that front. However, we can’t cost-cut ...

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Process automation may provide next performance differentiator in ultra-competitive shale market


Right now, it’s survival. There are a lot of people struggling to make the money that is required for their businesses, and we have to think about how our businesses are going to evolve going forward. Everyone is having to work out how they can make money with minimal investment. One way is consolidation, which we’ll likely see more of in the coming years. Another way is to find lower-cost and more innovative ways to do things...

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Self-drilling modules aim to help operators scale up operations, deliver consistency


To eliminate human error and reduce inefficiencies in drilling operations, AI Driller, an automation company that provides self-drilling applications, is gearing up to deliver a series of drilling modules, beginning with an ROP Module and Auto-Slider. The ROP Module, which is certified on National Oilwell Varco’s NOVOS platform, calculates the target weight on bit based on historical drilling data. The Auto-Slider, which is under field testing, applies autonomous directional drilling control for sliding with a conventional drilling motor based on inputs such as distance, inclination and release torque. Both technologies were presented at the IADC ART Spark Tank in December. In this video, DC speaks with CEO Marat Zaripov and COO Joel Dunn about the two modules and how they can ...

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Four strategies to consider in rig reactivations


As the offshore drilling industry continues to face difficult economic conditions and an abundant rig oversupply, it’s important to take a strategic approach to rig stackings and reactivations. In a panel session at the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific Conference, Adrin Shafil Bin Ahmad Nasir, Drilling and Completions Manager for Petrofac Malaysia, presented four strategies to consider: condition normalization, taking ownership of the project, creating a safety culture early, and developing strong relationships. Watch DC’s video with Mr Shafil from the conference, held 24-25 January in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to learn more about these four strategies...

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