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Halliburton introduces Well Construction 4.0 platform to facilitate connectivity, collaboration

Halliburton is launching what it calls Well Construction 4.0 to allow operators to minimize planning cycle times, reduce drilling costs and accelerate critical decision making, among other goals. Speaking at the 2019 SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference in The Hague on 6 March, Moray Laing, Director of Digital Solutions at Halliburton, discussed how Well Construction 4.0 merges cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to provide better risk mitigation and drilling efficiency. In this video with DC, Mr Laing explains how the technology facilitates greater connectivity and collaboration and the challenges in implementing Well Construction 4.0.

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New data transfer protocol aims to bring Netflix streaming speeds to offshore drilling operations

Equinor set to commercially deploy Energistics Transfer Protocol with 2 new monitoring centers opening this year By Sarah Junek, Associate Editor Imagine driving your car using only the rearview mirror for steering. Similarly in drilling, large amounts of data are being collected at the rig site, and experts in onshore offices are assigned to analyze that data and assist in deciding what happens next. Yet, data transfer from offshore rigs to shore can be delayed anywhere from tens of seconds to tens of minutes. This lag is due to the commonly used data transfer method for drilling measurement data, known as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). It inherently acts as a bottleneck by its use of server relays that have ...

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Digital twins improve well construction process in real time

Interest continues to build in the drilling industry for digital twins. In this video from the 2019 IADC Drilling Caspian Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 20 February, DC speaks with Ahmad Mirhaj, Senior Drilling Analyst with MHWirth, about how digital twins are being used to benefit the well construction process, particularly when applied in real time. In this video, Mr Mirhaj also discusses the use of a downhole simulator to spot a tight hole, as well as how digital twin technology was used to help drill a well in dual-gradient mode. Watch the video for more information.

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To drive performance, companies must destigmatize failure, allow employees to push the envelope

Operators and drilling contractors alike also must fully embrace data analytics, harness its power to supplement human insights and capabilities By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Greg Leveille is Chief Tech-nology Officer for ConocoPhillips. You’ve said that oil and gas companies need to shift into higher gear when it comes to innovation. What is ConocoPhillips’ approach to promoting innovation? We’re pursuing a broad-based approach that includes engaging leadership at multiple levels and training them to foster innovation. We’re trying to destigmatize failure when failure is in service to finding better solutions. We’re accelerating adoption of new technologies by breaking down barriers, and we’re training our entire workforce of around 11,000 people on how to use data analytics to improve productivity. How do you destigmatize ...

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Contracts that govern single-point accountability via a rig contractor likely to become the new norm

Increasing recognition that ‘data is the new oil’ also calls for changes in the way drilling operations are managed and decisions are made across the value chain By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Hisham Basar is Head, Wells, Centre of Excellence, PETRONAS. In terms of drilling and completions, what are your major focus areas as you work to improve performance and efficiency for PETRONAS? As a brief introduction, PETRONAS is an established global oil and gas company with proven value-driven successes across a fully integrated oil and gas value chain, and we uphold the highest standards of safety. When I first joined PETRONAS, I envisioned bringing the company toward a world-class well delivery status globally. To achieve this vision, good teamwork is ...

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Critical issues in drilling & completions

Momentum continues to build for a digital transformation in drilling as leaders fully embrace data analytics for performance improvement By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher The explosion around big data and data analytics in the drilling industry over the past few years has been phenomenal, and a long time coming. Perhaps it was driven by the downturn, or perhaps it was driven by the realization that this industry had fallen far behind and needed to catch up. To our credit, there is incredible momentum within the drilling industry now for achieving closed-loop automated drilling, and for investing in data-driven solutions that incorporate the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and even blockchain. Industry leaders are fully embracing the idea that change ...

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