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Posted on 24 April 2012

Single bit drills intermediate section of Tattoo field

Single bit drills intermediate section of Tattoo field

Single bit drills intermediate section of Tattoo field

A single Ulterra polycrystalline diamond compact bit has drilled the entire intermediate section of the Tattoo field in Northwest Canada. An 8.5-in. (216-mm) U513M drilled both the vertical and build sections with the same bottomhole assembly, saving the operator two trips and $570,000 compared with the average of six section offsets in the field in March.

U513M maintains high instantaneous rates of penetration required in the drill-out, as well as the ability to aggressively build angle with tool face control.

Darcy installs downhole sand control system

Darcy Technologies recently completed the first downhole installation of its next-generation sand control system following the success of a robust system integrity test in Aberdeen, which was supported by several global operators and an international oilfield service company.

Darcy’s sand control system was run from a land rig integrating it with standard third-party completion accessories to make up the full sand face completion system. The system was placed on depth and set into a variable wellbore some 1,000 ft below the surface.

Darcy Technologies recently installed its next-generation sand control system about 1,000 ft below the surface.

Darcy Technologies recently installed its next-generation sand control system about 1,000 ft below the surface.

The system’s construction and high collapse resistance provides a solution for low pressure, shallow and heavy oil reservoirs. The solution can be used in remote or environmentally sensitive locations because gravel pack fluids, pumping equipment, installation and excess personnel are eliminated from the process, and its modular design is integrated with common completion equipment.

The system’s activation by applying pressure from surface eliminates the time, effort and cost of gravel pack completions.

CNPC, Shell sign China’s first shale gas PSC

China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) and Shell China have signed a production-sharing contract (PSC) for shale gas exploration, development and production in the Fushun-Yongchuan block in the Sichuan Basin.

Subject to government approval, this is the first shale gas PSC signed in China. The contract area covers approximately 3,500 sq km. Shell will apply its technology, expertise and experience.

“We are delighted about this new milestone in our strategic cooperation with CNPC. China has huge shale gas potential, and we are committed to making a contribution in bringing that potential into reality,” Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, said.

Service diagnoses drilling challenges ahead of time

A new Baker Hughes service identifies potential drilling issues before they occur by pinpointing similar case histories in real time using a global library of drilling practices and expert advice to provide operators with suggestions on how to respond or take corrective actions while drilling.

WellLink Radar Remote Drilling Advisory Service is an integrated solution that uses case-based reasoning and event detection. It leverages Verdande Technology’s DrillEdge software to reduce uncertainty, minimize nonproductive time and increase safety. The service allows for the remote monitoring of multiple wells simultaneously and enhances drilling efficiency.

At-bit inclination technology optimizes well placement

PathFinder, a Schlumberger company, recently introduced the iPZIG at-bit inclination, gamma ray and imaging service. iPZIG helps optimize well placement in target zones through early bed boundary detection.

Developed for unconventional oil and gas markets and high-efficiency drilling applications, the iPZIG service allows for greater directional control and accuracy while drilling versus conventional technologies, with sensors placed directly behind the drill bit. Using data from the iPZIG service, changes in lithology and bottomhole assembly orientation are quickly identified.

ABB to supply vessel with DC-based power grid

ABB recently won an order from ship owner Myklebusthaug Management to supply the first direct-current (DC) power grid onboard a ship. The equipment will allow a new offshore platform support vessel, under construction in Norway, to operate at the highest energy efficiency level to minimize emissions.

The Onboard DC Grid will allow vessels to cut fuel consumption and emissions by up to 20%


The May/June issue of Drilling Contractor featured coverage of the 2012 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards. This article can be found in its entirety here.

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