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 Had top drive downtime? Here’s your chance to provide feedback that will help you, your company and the industry. The Reliability Subcommittee of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee is finalizing a short but comprehensive survey on top drive downtime, which should be announced in a few weeks.

The survey asks for information on top drive failures, type of top drive, time in service, and other key information.

IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee finalizing top drive survey

IADC will keep confidential all company information, both for manufacturers or top drive owners. The results will be reported publicly only in generic form, with no company information included. Participants will receive information on their own companies to compare against total statistics.

Robert Urbanowski, Precision Drilling Oilfield Services Corporation, heads up the IADC Reliability Subcommittee, which next meets at 08.30 on 18 March at IADC headquarters in Houston. Remote participation via webinar is available. Registration will soon be available through this link.

For more information, contact Mike Killalea.

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