Macondo by the numbers

Posted on 01 July 2010

Press and government are trotting out many numbers related to the Macondo accident. Below are some of the less well-reported statistics, in the larger context of overall GOM operations and US politics:

  • 9: Official inquiries into the Macondo accident (Sources: Washington Post, press reports)
  • 24: Senate bills as of 25 June in response to Macondo (US government, IADC)
  • 17: House bills as of 25 June in response to Macondo (US government, IADC)
  • 10: Senate hearings related to Macondo as of 25 June (US government, IADC)
  • 14: House hearings related to Macondo as of 25 June (US government, IADC)
  • 2: Shallow-water drilling permits issued and not rescinded since 28 May as of 1 July (as reported to IADC)
  • 2: Rigs drilling new wells in the Gulf of Mexico and not in the process of suspending operations (news reports)
  • 18: Jackups waiting on permits to operate in the GOM as of 25 June (IADC)

For more statistics of interest, please see the July/August edition of Drilling Contractor, which will be in the post on 9 July.

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