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New tool offers alternative to conventional hammer unions

To eliminate workplace injuries resulting from conventional hammer unions, R&H Manufacturing has developed SaferUnion, a tool that tightens or loosens connections at a consistent torque without the use of a sledgehammer. SaferUnions consists of a nut, torque wrench and long bar, which inserts into one of the nut’s eight access points, located every 45°. The bar can then be pushed or pulled easily by a single person. In this video, Rae Burrows, Technical Designer/Engineer, and Will Broussard, Developer, discuss the drivers behind the development of the tool. They also highlight the advantages it offers compared with conventional hammer unions.

More information about the tool, which was presented at the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Spark Tank in December, can be found here.

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  1. As someone who has suffered cartilage damage from hammering up 1000s of unions this seems great.

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