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Transocean announces two-year contract for ultra-deepwater drillship Deepwater Invictus


Transocean‘s ultra-deepwater drillship Deepwater Invictus has been awarded a two-year contract plus three one-year priced options with a subsidiary of BHP Billiton. The backlog associated with the firm contract is approximately $106 million. The contract is expected to commence in Q2 2018. “We are extremely pleased to continue working with BHP,” said Transocean’s President and Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Thigpen. “Since we welcomed the Invictus into our fleet in 2014, the combination of BHP, Transocean and the Invictus has delivered industry-leading performance, and we look forward to extending our productive relationship through this multi-year contract.”

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To navigate downturn, Vantage Drilling focuses on safety, putting rigs back to work and cost reductions


When Ihab Toma took over Vantage Drilling as CEO last year, the company had just recently emerged from a Chapter 11 process with a modern rig fleet and strong operations team but with only three rigs contracted. As CEO, Mr Toma said he worked to refocus the company on what he called the three “wildly important goals” (WIGs): having stellar safety performance, putting all rigs back to work, and reducing costs and preserving cash to navigate the downturn. The company now has sold out its jackup fleet, with one drillship to go, and its backlog has doubled in the past six months. In this video from the 2017 IADC Drilling Middle East Conference in Dubai on 4 October, Mr Toma explains the process that was undertaken to implement the three WIGs, as well as the results achieved...

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AFGlobal showcases Active Control Device, debuts MPD test rig


AFGlobal showcased several MPD technologies at its Houston facility on 12 October, including an active control device (ACD) for deepwater and offshore surface applications and a purpose-built rig for testing MPD scenarios. Bearings and rotating components are a common source of maintenance and failure in conventional rotating control devices used in MPD operations. The ACD, however, provides the prerequisite seal and diversion of annular wellbore returns using a non-rotating device enabled by an actively pressurized, co-molded element. Its active pressure-sealing system hydraulically applies closing pressure to maintain consistent wellbore sealing integrity over time as the sealing sleeve is worn. The sleeve is a co-molded element made up of an enhanced urethane matrix reinforced with a durable polytetrafluoroethylene inner shell. As ...

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High-transport, ultra low-density proppant deployed in Permian well


The CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology was developed to increase fracture length and height to improve reservoir contact. The technology was recently deployed to fracture a well in the Permian Basin with a very thin hydrocarbon zone. In this video from 10 October at the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, Don Conkle, Director of Sales and Marketing for CARBO, outlined the results that were achieved in this well...

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BHGE to leverage strengths of legacy companies to improve recovery, efficiency


The merger between Baker Hughes and GE has led to the creation of the industry’s first-ever full-stream company, Mathias Schlect, Vice President of Enterprise Technology for BHGE, said during a press conference at the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. In this video from the conference on 10 October, Mr Schlect discusses the strengths that each legacy company brings to the combined company. He also explains the major industry challenges – including improving recovery rates and increasing efficiency – that can be solved through digital technologies....

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System for automated pipe makeup, connection evaluation leads to consistency, efficiency


When connections are made up manually, the results can be inconsistent. Last month, Weatherford released the AutoTong system to eliminate these inconsistencies and remove human inefficiencies from the connection makeup process. In this video from 10 October at the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, Scott McIntire, AutoTong Product Champion, explains how the system delivers consistent and precise connections. He also describes how the system provides real-time support to help the driller detect and mitigate connection anomalies...

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Inspection tool uses high-definition frequency to identify corrosion in up to five tubular strings


Metal corrosion can cause serious well integrity issues and nonproductive time. Halliburton launched the Electromagnetic Xaminer V (EPX V), which can identify corrosion and casing defects in up to five strings, at the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. In this video from the conference on 10 October, Freeman Hill, Product Manager – Well and Reservoir Surveillance, describes how the EPX V uses high-definition frequency technology to provide a through understanding of pipe defects and metal loss throughout the well. He also discusses the various deployment methods, including slick line, for the system...

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2,200-plus exhibiting companies expected at this year’s ADIPEC


Over 2,200 exhibiting companies from 53 countries are expected at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), to be held 13-16 November in Abu Dhabi. The conference offers a chance for oil and gas leaders to convene, network and discuss top industry trends and issues, under the theme “Forging Ties, Driving Growth.” A high-interest zone is the Offshore and Marine exhibition, a four-day event that includes a waterfront display area featuring six ships and a jackup barge. More than 150 global exhibitors and 15,000 oil and gas professionals from around the world are expected to attend this exhibition. In addition, the exhibition houses a dedicated conference theatre for strategic and technical sessions that address future expectations and ...

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Acoustic telemetry network provides real-time data during deepwater frac pack completions


Most of the telemetry platforms in existence today don’t provide real-time data during completions. XACT Downhole Telemetry developed its acoustic telemetry network to provide pressure, temperature, tension, torque and bending data during completion operations. At the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, the company highlighted recent deepwater case studies in which the system provided crucial data during frac pack completions. In this video from the conference on 10 October, Andy Hawthorn, Director of Solutions, explains how the network was used to help an operator free a bottomhole assembly that was stuck in the circulating position. He also discusses a deployment in which the network helped an operator to determine whether the perforating guns had fired....

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Peter Cunnion to take reins as IADC SAPC Chairman


Peter Cunnion, Vice President at Northern Offshore, has been selected to take over the role of Chairman of the IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter (SAPC) in 2018. Mr Cunnion, who is succeeding Dave Formas, Senior Marketing Manager at Ensco, as SAPC Chairman, promised to continue to drive membership participation and involvement, which he says has been key to the success and growth of the SAPC. “The power of an organization like IADC is through its membership,” Mr Cunnion emphasized. As Chairman, he will be working to continue the annual golf tournament and gala dinner, which will be held on 21-22 March in 2018. The SAPC also will be working on a new Supply Chain Committee, as well as on reinstating the HSE Committee. For more information, watch this video with Mr Cunnion from the 2017 IADC Drilling Middle East Conference in Dubai on 4 October...

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