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 “This is a subject dear to my heart: There can be no higher priority in any part of our business than health, safety and environment,” said Rodney Eads, executive VP and COO of Pride International, during his opening address at the 2009 IADC HSE&T Conference in Houston.

On one side, he urged everyone to look at HSE as a moral responsibility. On the other side, HSE makes good business sense as well: “There are real business implications if you don’t get this right,” he said.

Mr Eads noted that the industry has made great progress with HSE in recent years. Key factors that have made a difference include job safety analyses, competency programs, industry sharing of best practices/guidelines and standards, leading/lagging indicators, recognition of the importance of health and minimal impact to the environment.

Pride's Rodney Eads: Accountability is key to reaching zero injuries

Mr Eads pointed to the total industry incidence rates from 1968-2008 as proof of our progress. Compared with 1968 when industry had an LTI rate of nearly 14, preliminary numbers show that our 2008 LTI rate is 0.47. Making this achievement more notable is the fact that, over the same period, manhours have climbed tremendously.

Even comparing numbers within only the past five years – an industry boom time – statistics show a trend for improvement in both LTIs and recordables. “The industry’s really delivering on their promise to improve HSE, safety in particular,” he noted. “The industry got the recipe to do better and better – even with increased activity.”

There is a weak spot, however, and that lies in fatalities: Preliminary numbers show a total of 30 fatalities in 2008. “This can’t stand. It cannot continue like this. … We’ve got to turn this around,” Mr Eads emphasized.

The ultimate goal is zero injuries, and it is an achievable goal, Mr Eads said, adding that the overriding challenge is how to change culture. “You have to believe that you can get there and it can be done.”

Mr Eads concluded by stressing that accountability is a key ingredient to reaching zero injuries. That means defining and enforcing compliance with expectations at every level in the organization, he said. “Without it, you won’t get the results your want.”

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