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Chevron seeks to share tool for planning, executing well control drills


By Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor Let it never be said that the oil and gas industry doesn’t share or collaborate. Chevron is ready, if not eager, to share with the industry a cloud-based software tool, called DrillPad, that has already proven to be a bigger game-changer than expected for the operator, Jeff Smith, WellSafe Systems Manager for Chevron, said. “We’ve seen the severity of our well control events drop significantly since we got this tool in place. When I say significantly, I’m talking about an order of magnitude,” Mr Smith said at the 2018 IADC Annual General Meeting in New Orleans on 8 November. The tool was developed as part of the company’s WellSafe program, an assurance process for well control. “(DrillPad) ...

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Sonnemann: New approach may be needed in the way well control is approached


There are still many well control topics that don’t have universal consensus within the industry. These include the uses/mis-uses of MAASP, kill rates selection and kick tolerance calculations, said Paul Sonnemann, VP of Technology at SafeKick. In a presentation at the 2018 IADC International Well Control Conference in Milan, Italy, he urged the industry to take a different approach to such topics. Further, he encouraged the industry to think of closed-loop drilling like the service brake on an automobile, which should be used even if the drilling program doesn’t require it. Watch DC’s video with Mr Sonnemann as he describes his philosophy of well control.

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Visual, multiphase flow simulators aid spill drills


Work is ongoing to couple a visual simulator and a multiphase flow simulator to enhance spill drill exercises, Add Energy VP Marketing Thomas Selbekk said at the 2018 IADC International Well Control Conference in Milan, Italy, on 23 October. Over the past few years, Add Energy has been involved in more than 30 such drills, many in the Gulf of Mexico. In this video with DC, Mr Selbekk talks about the purpose of spill drills, lessons learned from previous drills, as well as how the two simulators – the VROV and the OLGA-WELL-KILL – have been combined to form an interactive training tool that can mimic a real-world incident. Watch the video to find out more.

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IOGP engages with regulators on liabilities, studies different regulatory approaches


Since the early days of the formation of the Global Incident Response Group and Wells Expert Committee, the two groups have continued to fulfill their missions of improving drilling safety, improving the time to stop a blowout, and improving subsea and surface response capabilities. In particular, the two groups, which were formed by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), continue to work with regulators around the world, according to Chris Hawkes, IOGP Safety Director. These include the EU Offshore Authorities Group, with whom the IOGP recently engaged on the issue of unlimited liabilities. Further, the IOGP recently was involved in an academic study looking at goal-based vs prescriptive regulations. Watch DC’s video with Mr Hawkes from the ...

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Rig culture makes the difference in driving high performance


The REACH Group recently conducted a study for an offshore drilling contractor to find out why one of its newbuild drillships was performing much better than a similar newbuild drillship, operating nearby drilling similar wells. The differentiator came down to culture on the rig, said Dave Massey, President of The REACH Group. In this video from the 2018 IADC Critical Issues Latin America Conference on 16 October in Mexico City, Mr Massey speaks with DC about common assumptions people make about managing culture, the key findings from his investigation on this high-performing drillship, as well as a six-phase approach that companies can take to build a culture by design.

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New onsite rig crew training service provides well control overview in two hours


A new mobile crew training unit will soon allow Wild Well Control to extend its well control training from the classroom to the rigsite. The onsite rig crew training service was developed at the request of companies that wanted to allow certain rig crew members who don’t receive frequent opportunities to attend classroom training – such as derrickhands, motor hands and floor hands – to understand the basics of well control. The training reviews the signs of well kicks, critical decision-making skills, proper drilling techniques and proper shut-in procedures. In this video from the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, held 24-26 September in Dallas, Texas, DC Editor/Publisher Mike Killalea speaks with Steve L. Richert, Manager, WCT Instructor & ...

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Industry 4.0 to create new business models, require new approaches to talent management


The drilling industry is moving into a new digital era that will transform existing business models, with many of today’s jobs – especially those characterized by routine physical labor – being displaced by automation. In this environment, the industry will need to rethink how it approaches talent management, as well as ways to better engage with young professionals. In this interview with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh at the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 26 September in Amsterdam, Paul de Leeuw, Director at Robert Gordon University, talks about the digital transformation that is under way and strategies that companies should consider adopting in order to stay relevant. Watch the video for more information.

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Collaborative human performance working group seeks additional participants


A collaborative human performance working group has been established to promote advances in the integration of human performance principles and human factors techniques to better reduce and manage collective risk. The group grew out of annual meetings that BP holds with its partner companies, said Sandra Adkins, Human Performance Advisor for BP’s Global Wells Organization, although the group and its work is open to the industry. In this video from the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 25 September in Amsterdam, Ms Adkins discusses the group’s work plans and objectives and invites operators and drilling contractors alike to join the effort. Watch the video for more information.

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