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Weatherford RSS aims for cost-effectiveness, broad applications


Rotary steerable systems (RSS) have led to a paradigm shift in how wells are drilled today, but more improvements are still needed in order for the technology to help operators drive down their well construction costs. Weatherford’s Magnus push-the-bit RSS was developed with broad applications in mind, from everyday to extreme conditions, and features fully independent pad control. In this video from the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, held 24-26 September in Dallas, Texas, Etienne Roux, Weatherford President, Drilling and Evaluation, speaks with DC Editor/Publisher Mike Killalea about the development of the new RSS, as well as ROP improvements that have been achieved in Mexico. Watch the video to learn more.

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New onsite rig crew training service provides well control overview in two hours


A new mobile crew training unit will soon allow Wild Well Control to extend its well control training from the classroom to the rigsite. The onsite rig crew training service was developed at the request of companies that wanted to allow certain rig crew members who don’t receive frequent opportunities to attend classroom training – such as derrickhands, motor hands and floor hands – to understand the basics of well control. The training reviews the signs of well kicks, critical decision-making skills, proper drilling techniques and proper shut-in procedures. In this video from the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, held 24-26 September in Dallas, Texas, DC Editor/Publisher Mike Killalea speaks with Steve L. Richert, Manager, WCT Instructor & ...

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BHGE extends low temperature range for disintegrating frac plug


The SPECTRE disintegrating frac plug was developed in collaboration with operators who sought an anchoring grip that would completely disintegrate, leaving no debris in the wellbore that could compromise long-term operations. Baker Hughes, a GE company, recently introduced the SPECTRE low-temperature (LT) plug, which extends the tool's reliable disintegration envelope to temperatures as low as 100°F.

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Intelligent RSS provides up to 18°/100 ft dogleg capabilities


Operators’ need to efficiently and reliably drill longer laterals faster is pushing equipment manufacturers to develop new rotary steerable systems (RSS) that can steer accurately through high-angle wellbores in one run and achieve target depth on time and on budget. Halliburton recently launched the iCruise RSS, which can provide up to 400 RPM and up to 18°/100 ft dogleg capabilities. At the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, held 24-26 September in Dallas, Texas, DC Editor/Publisher Mike Killalea spoke with Paul Bond, Product Manager for RSS, about what Halliburton is calling an intelligent RSS, which has already been deployed in multiple basins around the world, including North America and the Middle East.

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New push-the-bit RSS features enhanced lateral, proportional steering control


Scientific Drilling International recently commercialized its push-the-bit HALO rotary steerable system (RSS). The tool combines enhanced lateral and proportional steering control with a single integrated collar to help optimize wellbore placement, reduce handling time and risk, and improve overall drilling time. In this video from the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, held 24-26 September in Dallas, Texas, DC Editor/Publisher Mike Killalea speaks with Neil Bird, Product Line Manager – RSS, about the new system, which can drill with build rates of up to 15°/100 ft. Watch the video to learn more about the technology.

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Lidar technology enables red zone management solution on offshore rigs


Seadrill has developed a red zone management solution that uses Lidar, a surveying method that measures distance to a target by illuminating the target with pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. These Lidar modules, which have already been implemented on the West Neptune, were discussed in a presentation by Luis Mariano, Director of HSSEQ for Seadrill, at the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference in Amsterdam on 26 September.

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Industry 4.0 to create new business models, require new approaches to talent management


The drilling industry is moving into a new digital era that will transform existing business models, with many of today’s jobs – especially those characterized by routine physical labor – being displaced by automation. In this environment, the industry will need to rethink how it approaches talent management, as well as ways to better engage with young professionals. In this interview with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh at the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 26 September in Amsterdam, Paul de Leeuw, Director at Robert Gordon University, talks about the digital transformation that is under way and strategies that companies should consider adopting in order to stay relevant. Watch the video for more information.

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Advanced planning, collaboration with law enforcement can help companies achieve better cybersecurity resilience


Cybersecurity breaches often go unreported for many reasons, but companies should consider the negative and long-term impacts of letting such crimes go unreported, said Eamonn Keane, Head of Cybersecurity and Innovation for the Scottish Business Resilience Center. Mr Keane spoke on a cybersecurity panel at the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 26 September in Amsterdam. In this video, he speaks with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh about the common challenges that law enforcement encounters when investigating cyber crimes, how companies can achieve cybersecurity resilience, as well as how industry can collaborate with law enforcement to improve cybersecurity for all.

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Collaborative human performance working group seeks additional participants


A collaborative human performance working group has been established to promote advances in the integration of human performance principles and human factors techniques to better reduce and manage collective risk. The group grew out of annual meetings that BP holds with its partner companies, said Sandra Adkins, Human Performance Advisor for BP’s Global Wells Organization, although the group and its work is open to the industry. In this video from the 2018 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 25 September in Amsterdam, Ms Adkins discusses the group’s work plans and objectives and invites operators and drilling contractors alike to join the effort. Watch the video for more information.

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Killalea discusses technology development on ATCE panel


Is the industry on the brink of a step-change in technology development, featuring digital solutions? Do downturns truly drive innovation? Why is our industry slow to adopt new methods and technologies? These were some of the topics explored by a panel held at Weatherford’s booth during the 2018 SPE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition, held in Dallas in late September. IADC Group VP/Publisher Mike Killalea was interviewed by two co-hosts from the Oil & Gas Global Network, Patrick Pistor and Collin Mclelland, on the topic “Innovating While Drilling.” Innovating While Drilling is an IADC trademark used in conferences and in IADC’s official magazine Drilling Contractor as an umbrella for advances in drilling technology. “Innovating While Drilling is a term we ...

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