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New BOP concept removes all hydraulics, halves weight of BOP


Norway-based Electrical Subsea & Drilling has developed a light BOP technology concept with electrical actuation and controls. The technology allows the weight of the BOP to be reduced by approximately half compared with typical BOP weights today, said company CEO John Dale at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Q3 2018 Technology Forum on 19 September in Houston. Watch the video to find out more about the new technology concept.

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Early kick detection project on horizon for DeepStar consortium


The DeepStar offshore technology development consortium recently held a shear ram workshop and is looking to undertake a new project to study early kick detection. Dave Barrow, Co-Chairman of DeepStar’s Drilling, Completions and Intervention Subcommittee, spoke at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Q3 2018 Technology Forum on 19 September about the group’s mission and ongoing work. Watch DC’s video with Mr Barrow to find out more.

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UT Austin collaborates on self-learning auto driller app


One of the bleeding edge areas in innovation and rig automation taking place is in the field of self-learning drilling programs. The University of Texas at Austin is pioneering the development of a self-learning drilling application designed to find optimal drilling parameters. The algorithm runs on the NOVOS operating system, which was developed by National Oilwell Varco. Dr Parham Pournazari, a research post-doc at UT, described the self-learning drilling program at the 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology conference on 11 September in Austin, Texas. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman discusses the new application with Dr Pournazari. For more information about the auto driller app, please read the latest article in the September/October 2018 issue of DC.

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Canrig plans offshore field-test of drill floor robotics


A new generation of electric, drill floor robots can make significant reductions in the time required to perform manual operations on an offshore rig. Canrig Robotic Technologies AS is planning to field-test a new three-robot system on a semisubmersible offshore Norway in December 2018. In laboratory tests, the robots were able to reduce key performance indicators across five manual tasks, from the handling of lifting subs to picking up and laying down of drill pipe, according to Canrig Robotic Technologies AS CEO Lars Raunholt. Mr Raunholt described this new line of next-gen robots at the 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference on 11 September in Austin, Texas. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman discusses the new technology with Mr ...

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PSA Norway proposes unifying drawworks standards


Throughout Europe, drilling operations are governed by multiple sets of industry standards – some of which are regulations imposed by external organizations, such as governmental bodies, and others are best practices developed within the industry. Occasionally, these various procedures don’t align. This lack of unity has led to drillers and operators attempting to comply with as many as 90 different sets of regulations, some of which were issued by a different authority and some of which governed the same operations on operations, according to Ola Heia, Principal Engineer for Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) Norway. During a presentation on 11 September at the 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference in Austin, Texas, Mr Heia described how the PSA came up with ...

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Smart partnerships, advanced planning enable marginal field projects for Vestigo Petroleum


As a marginal field operator, Vestigo Petroleum realized at the onset of the downturn that the company must think unconventionally if it is to succeed in an era of lower oil prices. The operator, a subsidiary of Petronas Carigali, has since adopted a strategy that incorporates smart partnerships and significant advanced planning in order to complete projects where well costs are 40-50% of the project CAPEX. In this video from the 2018 IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference on 29 August in Bangkok, Thailand, DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh speaks with Fauzi Abbas, Head of Well Engineering for Vestigo, about the company’s work scope and how common goals can be set across teams to achieve operational excellence.

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Newbuilds, regionalism among factors distorting Asia Pacific rig market


The offshore rig market is showing signs of recovery, but major challenges remain. Teo Yun Yun, Principal Analyst for Rigs in the Asia Pacific for IHS Markit, noted that oil prices are likely to stay relatively strong in the near future, which will lead to an increase in the number of projects sanctioned and more demand for drilling rigs. However, the rig oversupply challenge has not been resolved, even as approximately half of today’s working fleet are still over 30 years old. At the 2018 IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference on 28 August in Bangkok, Ms Teo spoke with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh about the state of the rig market, as well as how newbuilds and regionalism are distorting the ...

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NOV introduces shaker system with 90-second screen replacement time


National Oilwell Varco (NOV) recently launched SABRE, a modular shaker system based on a scalable platform that can be easily changed from a single deck to a double deck and from a double deck to a triple deck shaker. The upgrade can be done in the field, without the need to change out the complete shaker system, according to Richard Manning, Product Manager of Equipment for NOV. Further, by reducing the weight of the shaker’s screens to 14 lb, NOV was able to get screen replacement time down to about 90 seconds, Mr Manning said at the 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference on 11 September in Austin, Texas. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman talks with Mr Manning ...

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Industry must focus on increasing employee skill sets, not on compliance training


As the drilling industry works to reshape itself for a sustainable future, companies increasingly recognize the importance of ensuring workforce competency. However, competency won’t come about by simply focusing on compliance training. Instead, companies must look at how they can help to increase the skill sets of their employees, said Marcus Chew, CEO of Singapore-based Energy Drilling. Mr Chew was among several panelists at the Executive Plenary Session at the 2018 IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference on 27 August in Bangkok. Watch Mr Chew’s interview with Linda Hsieh, DC Managing Editor, as he talks about taking training out to the rig site, how the industry can deal with the rig oversupply, and lessons learned from ultra-efficient drilling operations in ...

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Wireless wellsite monitoring system could reduce NPT and tripping hazards


Current wellsite operations may create many types of real-time load and pressure monitoring data, but the transmission of that data from load cells is still primarily done by wireline – and transmission cables are not only a tripping hazard for personnel, but cable breakage is a common cause of NPT. To address these ongoing challenges, Strainstall – a UK-based mechanical and industrial engineering firm – developed Wellsite Monitoring Solutions, a wire and cable less monitoring system. Jim Profit, Business Development Manager for Strainstall, introduced the system on 16 August at the IADC ART Spark Tank, a forum for technology developers to present their innovations to a panel of operators and drilling contractors. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman ...

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