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IADC Caspian Chapter revitalization leads to first-ever Drilling Caspian Conference

Over the past year and a half, the IADC Caspian Chapter has become among the most active and productive chapters of IADC, with the first-ever IADC Drilling Caspian Conference held in February in Baku, Azerbaijan. In this video from the conference on 20 February, DC speaks with Graham Clark, Chairman of the Caspian Chapter and Drilling Manager for Socar AQS, about the revitalization of the chapter and goals over the coming year. Watch the video for more information.

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Situational awareness is key for active shooter response

The most important thing to remember in the middle of an active shooter event is to move, said Greg Shaffer, President of Shaffer Security Group, from the 2019 IADC HSE&T Conference on 6 February in Houston. But even before an event is in process, there are things you should do to prepare and maintain good situational awareness. Watch the video for more information.

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BHGE introduces lightweight, non-composite conventional frac plug

A new conventional frac plug constructed completely from an engineered alloy is 70% lighter than conventional material. The MILLITE plug, just released by BHGE, cleans up and mills out smoother than any other conventional plug on the market, said Stacey Meredith, Frac Plug Product Line Manager with BHGE. It offers something completely new to the industry. With a specific gravity of 1.8, the fine debris floats out of the well without additional cleaning or costly chemicals. At 13 in., its design produces a lower volume of debris than standard plugs. In this video from the 2019 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference on 6 February in The Woodlands, Texas, she also talks about key features of the plug and the results achieved ...

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New pressure-pumping technology reduces footprint while increasing horsepower

AFGlobal recently completed its field evaluation of the DuraStim pressure-pumping technology in the Permian Basin. The technology offers three times the effective horsepower of a conventional frac unit, as well as a 65% reduction in fleet footprint and manpower. In this video from the 2019 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference in The Woodlands, Texas, DC speaks with Tom Gable, Director of DuraStim Pump Technologies for AFGlobal, about the new pump, including its benefits, results achieved in the Permian project, as well as potential future applications.

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What road safety policies should you implement?

Transportation incidents, whether during commutes or on the job, are the leading cause of fatality in the oil and gas industry, Kyla Retzer, Epidemiologist with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, said from the 2019 IADC HSE&T Conference on 5 February in Houston. She presented essential elements of a good road safety program and ways to address driver distraction. The most dangerous form of distraction is texting while driving, which takes drivers’ eyes off the road an average of 4.6 seconds and involves all three types of distraction simultaneously: visual, manual, and cognitive. Watch the video for more information on cell phone policy recommendations.

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HSE professionals have role to play as adoption of ESG Integration Approach increases

ESG – or Environment, Social and Governance – refers to the non-financial aspects of business, and responsible investment refers to an approach to investing that aims to incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions in order to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. At the 2019 IADC HSE&T Conference in Houston on 5 February, Kaitlyn Allen, President and CEO of Global Affairs Associates, talked about the recent growth of adoption of the ESG Integration Approach among US organizations, as well as what’s driving this growth. Further, in this video with DC, she talks about the role of HSE professionals in this context and why ESG should matter to them.

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Clear business case is key as drilling companies embark on cybersecurity journeys

For professionals in the drilling industry who are tasked with improving the cybersecurity of their organization, a common challenge is being able to clearly define the ongoing cost for each rig to implement a cybersecurity technology, as well as clearly articulating the technology’s benefits. However, it’s important that a clear business case be made to management based on facts in order to secure long-term funding for an organization’s cybersecurity needs. In this video from the IADC Cybersecurity Workshop on 13 December in Houston, Ben Ramduny, Co-Chairman of the IADC Cybersecurity Committee, also talks about key takeaways for workshop participants, as well as the value of continued participation in the IADC Cybersecurity Committee. Watch the video for more information.

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ONG-ISAC urges industry to create cultures of security, sharing

The Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) is an oil and gas industry-specific organization created in 2014 to provide shared intelligence on cyber incidents, threats, vulnerabilities and associated responses. The group serves as a central point of coordination and communication to aid in the protection of oil and gas industry systems, including activity specific to industrial control systems and SCADA systems. Angela Haun, Executive Director of the ONG-ISAC, spoke with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh at the IADC Cybersecurity Workshop, held at BP’s Houston facility on 13 December. Watch the video to find out what ONG-ISAC does, what types of information its members share, and events held by the group that can be educative to members of our ...

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UT Austin’s RAPID develops thermal model for top drive CBM

The Rig Automation Performance Improvement in Drilling (RAPID) consortium, established under the University of Texas at Austin, has developed a thermal model to track system parameters on top drives. In this video with Pradeep Ashok, Senior Research Scientist for Drilling Automation at UT Austin, he talks about what drove the development of this model and how it works, as well as the business case for applying condition-based monitoring (CBM) to today’s top drives. Watch the video from the 2018 IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Q4 Tech Forum, held in Houston on 14 November, for more information.

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