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Bonded composite reinforcement technology designed to replace hot work, reduce time, costs and hazards during FPSO repairs

Many floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSOs) operating today were built as early as the 1970s. As these assets age, they experience corrosion on their hulls and decks, which necessitates in situ repairs as most FPSO do not go to drydock. Typically, hull and deck repairs require hot work, including grinding and welding, which can cause fire and explosion hazards and disrupt production...

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Noble drives down completion time for Tamar 8 well by adopting new designs for temporary P&A, BHAs

Since Noble Energy’s Tamar field offshore Israel was brought online in 2013, the natural gas produced from the field has provided 60% of Israel’s electricity. To continue meeting the country’s gas demand, Noble announced in 2016 that it would drill the Tamar 8 well. This provided Noble with an opportunity to optimize the well’s completion design and methodology...

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Noble, GE collaborate to create digital rigs that leverage predictive analytics and digital twins to take maintenance off the critical path

To improve the efficiency of its asset management and operational productivity, Noble Corp announced in February that it had partnered with GE to outfit four of its high-specification rigs with an advanced data analytics system that can detect anomalies and potential failures weeks in advance. Seven key critical systems are now being monitored – the BOP system, power system, drawworks, mud pumps, top drive, thrusters and dynamic positioning system. Noble expects that it can achieve improved reliability and up to a 20% reduction in the maintenance spending on these systems as early as the second half of this year, according to Bernie Wolford, Senior VP Operations...

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State of offshore rig market is all about rig supply – yet nobody knows how many offshore rigs there are in the market anymore

What’s the state of the offshore rig market today? In four words, it’s not that bad. Sure, rig demand hasn’t risen as much as it was forecasted to do. When rigs do get drilling contracts, they don’t make much money. There are a lot of stacked rigs sitting around. There’s still a need for more contractor consolidation...

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Fracturing innovations target improved equipment durability, optimized proppant placement

The oil and gas industry’s goals of reducing nonproductive time (NPT) and increasing production of unconventional resources are driving the evolution of hydraulic fracturing technologies. Especially as operators start to hit the natural physical limits of unconventional production, the need to optimize the fracking process has grown stronger, James West, Senior Managing Director for Oil Services, Equipment and Drilling with EvercoreISI, said. The optimization process differs by play, but overall, companies are looking for better well and fracture placement, as well as different sizing and staging of frac clusters...

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Planning, temporary mitigation critical for industry to effectively comply with revised API standards

Over the past 18 months, there have been several revisions to the guidance, specifications and standards released by the American Petroleum Institute (API) relating to BOP and well control equipment (WCE). Previous industry incidents and issues prompted these revisions, as well as a more holistic approach to the design, inspection and traceability of this safety and environmentally critical equipment...

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