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State of offshore rig market is all about rig supply – yet nobody knows how many offshore rigs there are in the market anymore

What’s the state of the offshore rig market today? In four words, it’s not that bad. Sure, rig demand hasn’t risen as much as it was forecasted to do. When rigs do get drilling contracts, they don’t make much money. There are a lot of stacked rigs sitting around. There’s still a need for more contractor consolidation...

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Fracturing innovations target improved equipment durability, optimized proppant placement

The oil and gas industry’s goals of reducing nonproductive time (NPT) and increasing production of unconventional resources are driving the evolution of hydraulic fracturing technologies. Especially as operators start to hit the natural physical limits of unconventional production, the need to optimize the fracking process has grown stronger, James West, Senior Managing Director for Oil Services, Equipment and Drilling with EvercoreISI, said. The optimization process differs by play, but overall, companies are looking for better well and fracture placement, as well as different sizing and staging of frac clusters...

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Guest Editorial: Internal realignment strengthens IADC’s strategic advocacy efforts for the industry

It is well known that enacted legislation and the regulations that follow have the ability to deeply impact the bottom line of any business, but particularly the companies that drill and produce the world’s vast natural hydrocarbon resources. IADC has long recognized this impact and, during the association’s 78 years, has engaged in advocacy efforts to encourage laws and regulations that are not only transparent but also fit for purpose, meaning that they are written in a way that ensures successful implementation while achieving the presumed goal of making operations safer and more environmentally sound...

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So long, wrench: Welcome to the digital drilling revolution

By Mike Killalea, Editor & Publisher Goodbye, wrench, hello, keyboard! Welcome to the digital drilling revolution. While surrendering one’s wrench might be a byte too far, when and where to use said tool might be increasingly dictated by our digital overlords. We report on Noble Corp and GE’s work to equip Noble’s Globetrotter I drillship with advanced data analytics to detect anomalies weeks in advance – not days or hours. Noble has dubbed it the Digital Rig and plans to expand the program to three other rigs by mid-May 2018. Noble predicts that the system will cut certain maintenance expenses by 20% before the end of the year. Nabors Industries, recognizing the need for increased efficiency, discusses key elements needed ...

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HSE&T Corner: OU study indicates potential for real-time eye tracking to improve driller’s situational awareness, decision making

Situational awareness, or the lack thereof, can significantly impact an individual’s decision making and performance on a drilling rig. “You can make your system as robust as possible, but if someone performing their job isn’t aware or is missing some key cues, they can’t deliver successfully,” Raj Kiran, a PhD candidate in petroleum engineering at the University of Oklahoma (OU), said at the 2018 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, on 7 March...

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Perspectives: Robin Macmillan, National Oilwell Varco: Automation advances key to achieving predictability, consistency in drilling process

As a young geologist fresh out of the University of Leeds in England in the late ’70s, Robin Macmillan recalls getting his first job and going out to land rigs in South Texas working as a mud logger. Once he got there, however, he realized he was much more fascinated with the drilling process than with collecting the cuttings coming over the shakers...

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