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Drilling & Completion News

Transocean launches hybrid floating drilling unit Transocean announced that it has deployed the world’s first hybrid energy storage system aboard a floating drilling unit. The system is now operational on the Transocean Spitsbergen, engaged in drilling operations on the Snorre field in Norway. The hybrid power technology, developed in partnership with Aspin Kemp and Associates, reduces fuel consumption and increases a dynamically positioned rig’s stationkeeping reliability by capturing energy generated during normal rig operations that would otherwise be wasted. The energy is then stored in batteries and used to power the rig’s thrusters. This enhancement targets a 14% reduction in fuel use during normal operations, leading to a significant reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions. Transocean’s investment is funded in ...

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Drilling & Completion Tech Digest

Technology increases accessible reserves on Ivar Aasen Stavanger-based Fishbones recently installed its completion system in a horizontal well on the Aker BP-operated Ivar Aasen field in the North Sea to increase accessible reserves. The well targeted the “alluvial fan” formation below the main producing formation on the field, which is a 25-m thick shaly, layered sandstone formation. A liner with 20 subs, in combination with sand screens, was deployed with the objective of connecting the layered formation while maintaining sand control. Further wells with this system are being considered. Meanwhile, on Aker BP’s Valhall field, work that the company did using Fishbones’ jetting system in 2018 is showing strong results, according to the service provider. Last year it completed simultaneous ...

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News Cuttings

DDR Plus V2.0 released for final industry comment IADC has issued V2.0 of the DDR Plus for final comment, after receiving and considering wide-ranging input from across the industry over the past eight months since V1.0 was launched earlier this year. Among the major changes are: Main Codes 21, 22 and 23 are now “Other,” which can be used for any user-defined operation. “Nonproductive Time” was moved from the Main Codes to a Sub-Activity Code. “Run/Retrieve Riser Equipment” and “Surface Testing” were moved from Main Codes 21/22 to 31/32. “Operating Status” was moved from Main Code 25 to Main Code 33. “Safety” was moved from Main Code 26 to Main Code 34. “Well Control” was moved from Main Code 27 ...

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