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Drillmar Resources and JAB Recruitment announce new joint venture

Drillmar Resources has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with energy recruitment specialist JAB Recruitment to create DRILLJAB, a joint project with a view to providing staffing solutions to drilling contractors across the Americas. Supported by JAB Recruitment’s Houston office, the newly formed joint venture will enable Drillmar to extend its global footprint to the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, while JAB Recruitment will expand its service capability in the region with further drilling expertise. “Both organizations are market leaders in their own right with a wealth of experience in recruitment and in energy,” said Drillmar Managing Director Raymond Bruce. “More importantly our business ethics and values are aligned, which we view as critical to the success of ...

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Ikon Science announces collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Ikon Science, a provider of geopredictive and knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, today announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its next-generation knowledge management solution, Curate, which is built on the AWS implementation of the OSDU Data Platform. “Together, we bring secure, reliable, global, and faster access of all subsurface data to engineers and geoscientists in a collaborative, cloud-enabled environment adding additional context and value of that data through workflows,” said Stuart Thomson, Chief Technology Officer at Ikon Science. “Today is an important milestone of providing accessibility and improved understanding of the subsurface from AWS, OSDU and Ikon Science.” The two companies are working together to provide a comprehensive platform combining AWS implementation of OSDU Data ...

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Conventional drilling optimization knowledge tapped to help NASA access water on the Moon

Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines believe the reliability of lunar exploration missions can be improved with comprehensive, real-time drilling optimization algorithms. Similar to what are used in the oil and gas drilling industry, these algorithms rely on real-time drilling response mechanisms to adjust various control parameters, ensuring closed-loop automated drilling from the lunar surfaces.

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To adopt automated drilling systems at scale, industry will need to overcome fragmentation, build trust

The term “digital transformation” has long been a buzzword within the oil and gas industry. Only in recent years has that “buzz” finally started to translate into true change. Today, automation discussions are slowing pivoting toward how to implement those changes at scale, but industry fragmentation is hurting that effort.

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