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Completing the Well

Intervention equipment, planning can mitigate complexities that come with multiwell pad spacing

With high-density well spacing, additional considerations are needed around equipment placement and how one well affects other wells on the same pad By Joe Coleman and Cliff Meade, Wild Well Control An intervention operation on one well that goes poorly can affect adjacent wells and cause an even greater problem. Well spacing on multiwell pads becomes an issue that concerns equipment placement footprints. Hot Tap, Valve Drilling and Freeze services can be used for gaining well access and placing temporary mechanical barriers when circumstances do not allow for conventional intervention methods. Freeze Operations Freeze operations can be used in compact spaces and are beneficial for use on multiwell pads. Freeze services have been used for many years to place a ...

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Well maintained

Automated, integrated equipment, more powerful diagnostics and wireline renaissance boost intervention efficiency By Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor As sure as the sun rises and sets each day, all oil and gas wells will, at some point, need an intervention to maintain or boost production. From basic drill-out and cleanout operations using wireline, coiled tubing or a snubbing unit, to full-scale workovers to remove and reinstall the wellhead to replace downhole equipment, well intervention is a fact of life in the oilfield. It is also becoming more critical as operators drill deeper and longer in hotter and more pressurized environments. Equipment that is often automated and integrated, specialty services to meet the rigor of today’s well environments, new wireline applications, and ...

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