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Safety and ESG

Precision Drilling anticipates rig count increases in 2022 for US, Canada

As of 6 January, the company has 66 rigs active in Canada and 50 in the US, representing increases of 38% and 61%, respectively, from the same date in 2021. Precision expects average drilling activity in Canada to be up approximately 40% compared with 2021, while average US activity is expected to increase 60% year-over-year.

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Companies must take public health, personal liberties into consideration when formulating COVID-19 vaccine policies, says industry panel

A wide range of COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for use around the world, raising many new questions for the oil and gas industry. A panel of industry experts discussed the degree to which companies should be involved in vaccination efforts, and whether the management of vaccinated people in the workplace could and should differ from unvaccinated people.

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New IADC subcommittee aims to foster industry efforts to improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions

Climate change is a growing challenge for drillers and the wider oil and gas community, requiring the industry to provide affordable energy while reducing its carbon footprint. With energy efficiency being recognized as a key component of these efforts, the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee has established an Energy Efficiency Subcommittee...

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Sustainability reporting shifts to capital market focus

With the investor community placing a greater emphasis on reducing emissions, accurate and timely reporting of ESG data has taken on a greater importance within the industry. In this interview with DC at the 2021 IADC Annual General Meeting in Dallas on 4 November, Jeff Hales, Professor of Accounting at UT Austin and Chairman of the SASB Standards Board, talks about the shift in sustainability reporting toward a capital market focus.

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