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Safety and ESG

Communication, trust cited as key factors for HSE performance during pandemic

By Jay Stracke, Editorial Coordinator The drilling industry has always united around its mission to bring its rig crews home safe. But now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration between companies and sharing of lessons learned has become more critical than ever. Particularly offshore, rig crews are dealing with complicated travel and quarantine restrictions, which in some instances have led people to work hitches spanning months. “The average days onboard for one of our seasonal employees used to be around 14 days,” said Neil Forrest, VP, Operational Integrity for Seadrill. “Our average days onboard is now around 23 days.” Despite longer hitches, however, several companies noticed their HSE performance during this time has improved. Potential reasons include reduced complexity of operations, ...

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Unlocking the power of machine learning

Predictive algorithms and natural language processing are fast becoming valuable tools fueling improvements for operators and drilling contractors in remote BOP monitoring, human decision making, safety By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor As drillers adapt their rigs and workflows for optimized performance and improved safety amid the continuing oilfield digital transformation, a host of tech developers are coming up with new solutions based on innovations in the field of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). One of these companies is RigNet, which was already established in building AI-based data analytic applications for drilling. Last year, the company signed two multi-year agreements with Transocean to provide rig analytic applications through Intelie Live, a real-time analytics platform developed by subsidiary Intelie. The ...

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Crew health, availability prioritized as companies strive to ensure proper incident response readiness

Contractors and operators are also looking to enhanced communication, logistics to mitigate risk of any unexpected events By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor In the oil and gas industry, companies recognize the essential role that they play – not just in terms of supplying the world with the energy it needs but also in protecting its workers and the environment throughout the drilling process. So earlier this year, facing the looming threat of COVID-19, many companies took early steps to prepare their staff for the possibility of interruptions and changes in workflow. For some, this took place weeks before the World Health Organization officially declared it a pandemic. That preparation has proven essential, ensuring not only operational continuity but also that ...

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The 7 sins of ESG management

These poor practices can result in superficial approaches to risk management, leading to missed opportunities as companies seek to adopt robust ESG strategy By Kosmas Papadopoulos and Rodolfo Araujo, FTI Consulting A growing number of companies are recognizing the opportunity for long-term success that results from an effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. Rising expectations from stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees and communities, indicate that high ESG performance may translate to better access to capital, talent and business opportunities. While companies are eager to improve their ESG position, some find it difficult to create a plan of action. The term “ESG” may appear somewhat nebulous, and it is sometimes interchanged with other similar, yet varied, terms like sustainability and ...

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Environment, Social and Governance

Total sets ambitions for net-zero emissions by 2050 In May, Total announced a commitment to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 for its global business, across its production and in the energy products used by customers. Three major steps were announced as part of the pathway to achieve this ambition: Net zero across Total’s worldwide operations by 2050 or sooner; Net zero across all of its production and energy products used by its customers in Europe by 2050 or sooner; and 60% or more reduction in the average carbon intensity of energy products used worldwide by Total customers by 2050, with intermediate steps of 15% by 2030 and 35% by 2040. Total says it believes this low-carbon strategy will provide ...

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Audio interview: Machine learning tools facilitate remote BOP monitoring

In mid-May, Aquila Engineering completed a pilot project on a remote BOP third-party verification system with an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The system builds upon the company’s real-time BOP monitoring technology, which utilizes machine learning tools like dynamic fault tree analysis to enable real-time monitoring of an offshore BOP...

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