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Safety and ESG

Safety, training and youth engagement highlight areas of focus for IADC in 2020

By Jason McFarland, IADC President Eighty years ago in 1940, IADC was established to give voice to the collective interests of drilling contractors. The seeds sown by that small group of dedicated industry veterans have allowed IADC to grow into the influential association it is today. Through the massive industry changes and technological innovations of the past eight decades, IADC has remained steadfast in its support of drilling contractor interests. IADC’s founders outlined 12 association aims, which detailed what IADC stands for and goals for the newly established association. Those aims, whose focus includes advocacy, promoting the safety of our workforce and establishing committees to solve industry issues, remain true today. We have weathered the cyclical ups and downs that ...

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Chevron finds new ways to mix automation content into competency assurance programs

Automation has been a key driver in the pace of change for drilling operations in recent years, but the adoption of new technologies can unveil complex challenges, particularly in assuring worker competency. Learn more in this video with Kevin Taylor, WellSafe System IT SME at Chevron...

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CSB: More collaboration between drillers, regulators needed to improve safety

Following its investigation of the January 2018 Pryor Trust incident in Oklahoma, the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) issued numerous recommendations on how drillers and regulators can work together to ensure better safety on rigs. At the 2020 IADC HSE&T Conference in Houston on 18 February, Chuck Barbee, Director of Recommendations with the CSB, spoke with DC about some of those recommendations, as well as the need for increased industry collaboration on safety.

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