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Safety and ESG

ABS awarded $2.1 million for safety research

The grants from the National Academies of Sciences will help ABS fund two projects focused on strengthening safety culture in the offshore oil and gas industry. One project will see the development of an integrated offshore energy industry safety culture evaluation, benchmarking and improvement toolbox, while the other will provide recommendations for data science technologies to aggregate essential exposure data and enable analysis of safety incident rates.

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Why people don’t follow procedures: a human performance perspective

New view of safety, accountability looks beyond enforcing procedural discipline to causes of non-conformance and how to manage variability in job execution By Marcin Nazaruk, Baker Hughes “Failed to follow procedure” is a common root cause from incident investigations in the oil and gas industry. Such a finding reinforces a belief that procedural conformance is a source of safety and success. Therefore, the apparently obvious conclusion is we need to get better at enforcing procedural discipline to prevent such incidents in the future. After all, procedures represent the best way to carry out activities. Experts develop procedures to guard against the errors and mistakes of fallible human operators who may have limited competence and experience. Compliance should be enforced to ...

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Taking industrial, rule-based approach to drilling can improve repeatability, aid deepwater project economics

Total’s Xavier Rouzeaud: Digital applications also hold significant potential, but they must be designed from the rig, for the rig and support people on the rig By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Xavier Rouzeaud is Deputy VP Drilling & Wells for Total. What is the biggest challenge that you see on the horizon for the drilling sector of the oil and gas industry? There is not a single challenge but multiple challenges, and one of the biggest is finding ways to be successful in an unpredictable oil price environment and a fast-changing world. We are being affected not only by market forces but also by the evolution of society’s expectations in terms of energy and the climate. We must be resilient and ...

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Drilling industry must do more to publicize environmental stewardship, position itself as part of the solution

Ensign’s Sean Halloran: Companies also must seek ways to use growing volumes of data and extract value in real time, provide more holistic view of wellbore By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Sean Halloran is Vice President of Wellsite Technology for Ensign Energy Services. Looking across your rig fleet, what do you see as the biggest challenges that you face as a rig contractor? When we talk internally about challenges, the biggest one we’re looking at right now is this idea of climate change and how it’s affecting our business, as well as the industry in general. We recognize that shareholders want to see more of a carbon-neutral investment. As drilling contractors, we’re really good at making holes in the ground, but ...

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