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Safety and ESG

Equipment placement, monitoring critical to ensure mud/gas separator safety

Mud/gas separators are in use on almost all drilling locations, and understanding how to identify and prevent common problems that affect their performance can be critical to ensuring safe operations. Nabors Industries has noted several options for identifying one of the main issues – blow-through – that could create a catastrophic failure.

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OTC Spotlight on New Technology award winner addresses common bolting challenges

In this video interview from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, Eric Junkers, HYTORC President, discussed the company's J-Washer Technology, as well as the most common challenges around bolting in the oil and gas drilling industry today. HYTORC received the 2021 OTC Spotlight on on New Technology Small Business Award for the J-Washer.

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MTU offers hybrid drilling, e-frac systems to help land drillers cut emissions

More and more companies in the land drilling sector are looking to alternative, lower-carbon solutions to power their operations. In this video from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, DC speaks with Dave Bosco, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager, Global Oil & Gas at MTU, a Rolls Royce solution, about the company’s efforts in hybrid drilling and electric fracturing (e-frac) technologies.

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Early planning, customer alignment among key ingredients to successful rig reactivations during pandemic

Drilling contractors are also launching new initiatives to engage and train rig crews that work around COVID-related restrictions, quarantine requirements By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor As drilling contractors start to reactivate stacked rigs amid a burgeoning market recovery, they’re encountering new and additional risks and challenges that require much more careful management and balancing of resources than before. Importantly, while many countries have begun to loosen restrictions that affect travel to and from rig sites, most have not returned to a full pre-COVID environment. Speaking at a session during the 2021 IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific Conference on 19 May, a panel of industry representatives discussed five factors that drilling contractors should take into account to ensure a successful rig ...

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2020 IADC ISP report shows global LTI, recordable rates fell by 25%+ despite stressed environments

Global lost-time incidence rate is down to 0.13 and recordable incidence rate fell to 0.46; total of four fatalities were reported for 2020 To say 2020 was a difficult year for the global drilling industry would be an understatement. The global pandemic led to one of the largest and quickest-hitting economic recessions in modern history, leading to unprecedented lows in oil prices and sharp pullbacks in drilling activity. On top of that, lockdowns created huge headaches around the world in terms of moving rig crews to and from rig sites. In many cases, crews had to stay on the rig for much longer than their usual hitches, sometimes even for months. Against this backdrop, the industry’s safety achievements are all the ...

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