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Safety and ESG

Oil and gas drilling innovations could fill technology gaps to make ‘geothermal anywhere’ a reality

Hybrid drill bits and MPD among conventional drilling technologies that could help increase ROPs in deep geothermal wells, enhance project economics By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor In recent years, geothermal drilling and well construction have increasingly come to be perceived as an attractive pathway for drillers to enter the world of “green” energy while using existing equipment and drilling expertise. However, geothermal resources have yet to take off on a wide scale due to associated limitations, such as the inability to transport it along long distances.  That could change if the “geothermal anywhere” concept takes off. The idea is to enable geothermal heat to be accessed from anywhere in the world – even where fractures and fluid do not naturally ...

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Understanding over-optimism can help organizations avoid poor decisions, create environment for better risk management

By Jared Dempsey, Kognivate, and Tim Wigham, Exceed Performance In general, people are moderately optimistic and feel hopeful about life. In fact, research has shown that optimism helps people to be successful at home, in business and on the sports field. Words like drive, grit and resilience are all rooted in optimism.  The drilling industry is a story of tenacity and innovation, from its early days of land drilling, then pushing the boundaries to use piers to drill just a little off the land’s edge and at the beginning of the shallow sea, and finally deepwater drilling around the globe. The advances in the oil and gas industry have matched the technological progression of the space industry. None of this ...

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‘Green’ innovations flourish amid drive for lower emissions

Peak shaving, energy storage systems already reducing offshore diesel use, while mobile wind units, fuel cells emerge as part of the next wave By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor The offshore drilling industry has long recognized the importance of environmental protection and the need to operate sustainably, but in recent years, it’s also come to prioritize decarbonization. As key players in the global transition to a net-zero economy, operators, contractors and service companies are all investing more and more in innovative technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from drilling operations, from hybrid rigs to floating wind turbines to the use of shore power.  A growing number of companies are also publicly cementing their commitment to the low-carbon transition by announcing ...

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Automation-enabled fuel efficiency leads onshore drilling ESG

Intelligent monitoring software combined with energy storage, alternative fuel options demonstrate high potential for cutting emissions By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor As the land drilling sector comes under increasing pressure from investors and the general public to demonstrate better ESG performance, operators and drilling contractors are stepping up in a multitude of ways. “We’re setting goals to show that we’re serious about reducing our emissions,” said Garrett Jackson, Vice President of ESG and EHS at Devon Energy. “It’s something that’s going to require a lot of effort and a bit of investment to reach some of these reduction levels, but it’s something we’re committed to doing.”  Devon, like many other large operators, has announced a goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse ...

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Physics-based approach improves drilling of FORGE geothermal well by identifying, mitigating limiters

Workflow emphasized continual monitoring of EDR data and constant changes in well design, drilling practices By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Geothermal drilling is a potentially valuable source of green energy, but scaling it globally will require developers to overcome a number of hurdles. For example, geothermal wells often require drilling through extraordinarily hard rock that can damage expensive equipment. It can also lead to low rates of penetration (ROP) and poor overall drilling performance that can lower a project’s economic value.  While new technologies are often seen as the solution to poor geothermal drilling performance, the application of physics-based drilling practices and workflows is another approach that can help drillers realize significant performance gains, according to Sam Noynaert, Associate Professor of ...

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