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IADC, Regulation, and Legislation

Leading collaborative change for the industry

From Jason McFarland, IADC President Over the past 80 years, IADC has grown to be the association it is today by serving members’ interests and helping them overcome everyday challenges and hurdles. When this year started, IADC expected to continue in that role. Little did I know what the year would require from the association, its members, the industry and the entire world. Thankfully, proactive leadership from our members has continued to facilitate collaboration. Conversations – either with member company representatives or through chapters, regional directors, committees and students – determine how we address our members’ varied interests across companies, roles and regions. In 2020, IADC served as a focal point for many of these conversations, working through our membership, ...

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Amid global pandemic, IADC leverages digital platforms to deliver member services and continue industry representation worldwide

By Angie Gunden, IADC Senior Director – Corporate Services and Marketing Government and Industry Affairs The goal of IADC’s Government and Industry Affairs (GIA) team is to proactively engage with US and global regulatory and legislative bodies, policy makers and oil and gas producers to advocate for positive policy outcomes on behalf of the drilling industry. As part of our pursuit of transparent and appropriate regulations and standards, IADC serves as an educative resource on policies and provides input on standards making. “The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in our plans for 2020, like it did for everyone,” said Elizabeth Craddock, IADC Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs. “But the team maintained a steady focus on preserving a strong presence ...

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Mock negotiation highlights common sticking points in standard drilling contracts

While the IADC Daywork Drilling Contract has done much to help streamline the process of signing a contract for a drilling rig, there are areas in the contract where negotiation may be necessary. Indemnities, self-insurance and the scope of coverage are among the provisions most often in dispute in negotiations between operators and contractors.

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