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Innovating While Drilling®

Virtual training, contingency planning help Shell navigate COVID-19 challenges for successful MPD project startups

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a number of restrictions on in-person meetings and travel that forced the global oil and gas industry to adjust the way it operates. At Shell, this meant that various adjustments had to be made in order to install MPD systems on Transocean’s Deepwater Proteus and Deepwater Poseidon drillships in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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New research examines innovation adoption culture within oil and gas industry

New research from Robert Gordon University (RGU) is providing findings that could help the traditionally risk-averse upstream oil and gas industry develop cultures that encourage and foster technology innovation and adoption. Among other things, the studies sought to help upstream decision makers better understand the influence that overarching organizational cultures have on employees.

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Schlumberger launches autonomous directional drilling

In this video interview with DC, Raul Suarez, Construction Product Manager at Schlumberger, speaks about the range of different technologies his company has developed under the autonomous directional drilling umbrella, as well as its overall vision for what can be achieved. The company launched an autonomous directional drilling service on 16 August.

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TotalEnergies aims to ‘pioneer a new way of drilling’ with DrillX

Operator working to ‘fundamentally reimagine’ its drilling business through the 3 pillars of smart data, smart engineering and smart operations By Stephen Forrester, Contributor While the drilling industry has made significant progress on how wells are drilled, particularly through the implementation of new downhole tools and systems, TotalEnergies believes the drilling discipline requires a holistic evolution in order to meet changing needs and expectations. To ensure continued leadership in the technology domain while delivering wells more safely and cost effectively, the operator believes it is critical to have modern, integrated and automated tools to better leverage real-time well data. To that end, the company’s Drilling & Wells group has put its whole weight behind its DrillX initiative to spearhead TotalEnergies’ digital ...

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Industry seeks new ways to unlock data, drive optimization

More companies turning to AI-enabled and open-source platforms, both to gain insights from available data and to deploy those insights at scale By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor The drilling industry is now inundated with more real-time drilling data than ever before, collected through new and existing downhole and surface sensors. However, many organizations have been frustrated in their efforts to realize wide-scale benefits from this plethora of data in terms of improved performance, cost and time savings, often due to the difficulties in sorting and analyzing that data.  To help organizations accelerate the value generation from data, a host of new technologies and platforms have been developed in recent years focusing on real-time data management, remote operations and artificial intelligence ...

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Nabors: Workflows must transform to maximize value of automation

Drillers should be given tools to automate repetitive tasks as rig environment becomes increasingly complicated By Drew Curran and Blakley Farrow, Nabors For decades, advances in the drilling industry have focused primarily on equipment that made manual labor more efficient and safer. But these days, all eyes are focused on automation. There is broad consensus that automation is the linchpin of the oil and gas evolution and that, when you seamlessly connect workflows, you take automation to a new level. Industrywide, companies have significantly improved the way they gather data that originate from workflows, but the reality is most companies have more data than they know what to do with. Consider the rig instrumentation and controls system that impact multiple ...

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