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Innovating While Drilling®

Automated directional drilling gaining trust among industry users

Innovations in software continue to enable better predictive capabilities, helping operators achieve repeatability and consistency in their wellbores By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Unpredictable directional drilling performance can have a significant detriment on a drilling operation, leading to higher costs and potentially missed production. While many directional drillers perform at a high level, the practice of accurately predicting drill bit positioning and trajectory is difficult to master, and the human element means that failure is always a possibility. To address these issues, the industry has increasingly looked to automation of directional drilling. Repeatability and consistency are recognized as the bedrock of the value around these automated systems.  “Drilling a record one day and then falling behind your expected days on ...

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Better understanding of data, physics key to BHA optimization

Companies realizing that a more holistic approach may be needed to enable precise directional control while optimizing ROP By Stephen Forrester, Contributor In an industry that continues to face financial headwinds, it is more important than ever that drilling is a cost-effective endeavor. Solutions over the past decade have achieved some success in the cost per foot of drilling, but those solutions have often focused on optimizing individual items within a given bottomhole assembly (BHA) – for example, implementing a more powerful motor or a more precise rotary steerable system (RSS). Although such pieces of equipment and technology, when incorporated individually into a BHA, can improve some performance metrics, the current market environment demands more holistic BHA optimization to achieve better ...

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