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Innovating While Drilling®

Weatherford introduces intelligent MPD system

Weatherford has launched Victus, an intelligent managed pressure drilling (MPD) system that represents “a step-change in the way we do manage pressure drilling in the industry,” said Etienne Roux, President of Drilling and Evaluation for Weatherford. “It’s not just one widget that we added. It’s an all-encompassing system that will drive efficiency to both operators and drilling contractors in equal measure, and help them to be safer, faster and eliminate waste.” The software system is based on a sophisticated hydraulic model that incorporates all the MPD experience and data that Weatherford has gathered over the past 50 years. The accuracy of this model’s pressure predictions provides for not only early kick detection but also – due to the intelligence of ...

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Weir Oil & Gas introduces SPM SafeEdge ARC for remote setting and digital control of relief valves

Weir Oil & Gas announced the introduction of its SPM SafeEdge Automated Relief Vale Control (ARC) System. The intelligent valve system enables operators to remotely set and control SPM’s proven line of back pressure relief valves while monitoring treating-line pressure and helping prevent over-pressuring of treating iron...

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Simulator-based training can help crews better prepare for complex MPD operations

By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher As the drilling industry increasingly deploys managed pressure drilling (MPD) technologies, particularly in the deepwater arena, the potential for simulator-based training to step in and enhance both the safety and efficiency of such operations is also increasing. “When we look at the (knowledge) retention pyramid, the most efficient way for students is hands-on training, where we tie all the theory together with the practical,” Kim Laursen, Head of Well Control Services for Maersk Training, said in a presentation at the 2019 SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference on 7 March in The Hague, The Netherlands. Even when no new technologies like MPD are involved, the use of high-fidelity drilling simulators provide a safe and cost-efficient environment ...

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Friction reduction system aids optimized bent-motor BHA to drill Vietnam’s longest basement section

Operator drilled section to TD and connected all targets despite extreme difficulties encountered in this complex wellbore By Son Bui, Thang Long Joint Operating Company; Ngo Huu Hai, Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corp; Nam Nguyen, Geoff Blackwell and Jake Tretheway, National Oilwell Varco Thang Long Joint Operating Company (TLJOC) was operating a well in the Cuu Long Basin offshore Southern Vietnam and needed to more effectively drill through a difficult section. Granitic basement drilling, where the formation is very hard (35 to 40 kpsi UCS), presented major challenges, as PDC cutters could not drill through the formation, very high levels of vibration were encountered, and rate of penetration (ROP) was limited. Despite the inherent risk of drilling such a well, TLJOC ...

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