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Innovating While Drilling®

Unlocking the power of machine learning

Predictive algorithms and natural language processing are fast becoming valuable tools fueling improvements for operators and drilling contractors in remote BOP monitoring, human decision making, safety By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor As drillers adapt their rigs and workflows for optimized performance and improved safety amid the continuing oilfield digital transformation, a host of tech developers are coming up with new solutions based on innovations in the field of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). One of these companies is RigNet, which was already established in building AI-based data analytic applications for drilling. Last year, the company signed two multi-year agreements with Transocean to provide rig analytic applications through Intelie Live, a real-time analytics platform developed by subsidiary Intelie. The ...

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Drilling fluid digital twins developed to monitor rheological properties, cuttings transport functionality

Predictive models were built by collecting extensive lab data and CFD simulation results that were fed into automated machine learning algorithms By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Drilling fluids play an assortment of critical roles in the success of drilling operations, like transporting cuttings, cooling the drill bit and suspending the cuttings when circulation stops. Many drilling problems, including circulation loss and stuck pipe, also stem from drilling fluids. That’s why developing accurate digital twins for drilling fluids could be critical in anticipating and preventing these problems, by enabling better monitoring of downhole fluid properties, such as rheology and density, and functionalities like borehole stability. Speaking at the 2020 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference in March, Mehrdad Shirangi, Staff Data Scientist at ...

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Audio interview: Machine learning tools facilitate remote BOP monitoring

In mid-May, Aquila Engineering completed a pilot project on a remote BOP third-party verification system with an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The system builds upon the company’s real-time BOP monitoring technology, which utilizes machine learning tools like dynamic fault tree analysis to enable real-time monitoring of an offshore BOP...

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New systems take holistic approach to optimize frac efficiency, well performance

Real-time fluid tracking, expanded sensor technology and predictive system among innovations aiming for greater efficiencies at frac sites By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor As US shale plows through a period of uncertainty in the midst of a global pandemic, the search for efficiencies at the margins has become even more critical for companies active in hydraulic fracturing operations. “Given everything we’re seeing right now, with the price of oil dropping and Russia and Saudi Arabia going at it to the point of trying to ruin US shale, operators have to be clamoring for everything they can do to save every dollar,” said David Moore, President and CEO of Deep Imaging. “We’re still going to have to frac. It’s not like ...

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