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What drives drilling contractor decisions on tech investments?

Cost is important, but contractors also weigh technology’s scalability, value to customers and – increasingly – influence on ESG performance By Stephen Forrester, Contributor In today’s market, effectively managing costs and investing in the right technologies – be that through internal product development or mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – are make-or-break tasks for drilling contractors. As a company works through the process of determining whether and how to make an investment, myriad criteria must be assessed from an operational and a financial standpoint. When those investments pay off, however, significant value is unlocked. In this article, leaders from Parker Wellbore and Helmerich & Payne (H&P) weigh in on how their companies look at technology investments and what they see for ...

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Plug-and-play automation, emissions reduction among key factors in rig selection for Occidental Petroleum

John Willis, VP Drilling and Completions for Onshore Resources and Carbon Management at Occidental Petroleum, discussed the ways in which the industry can use technology to address key challenges during the first day of the 2021 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference on 19 October. In particular, he focused on efforts in the three areas of remote operations, rig automation, and reducing emissions.

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MTU offers hybrid drilling, e-frac systems to help land drillers cut emissions

More and more companies in the land drilling sector are looking to alternative, lower-carbon solutions to power their operations. In this video from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, DC speaks with Dave Bosco, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager, Global Oil & Gas at MTU, a Rolls Royce solution, about the company’s efforts in hybrid drilling and electric fracturing (e-frac) technologies.

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AWS: Cloud computing provides platform to integrate robotics with digital twins

Amidst the digital transformation, cloud computing platforms have emerged as an optimal means for companies to maximize their productivity, allowing them to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence systems in one spot. Edge-to-cloud technologies, such as high-performance computing systems, autonomous systems and robotics, are the mechanisms that can help companies make the most out of the cloud, said Bill Vass, AWS Vice President of Engineering.

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Oil and gas drilling innovations could fill technology gaps to make ‘geothermal anywhere’ a reality

Hybrid drill bits and MPD among conventional drilling technologies that could help increase ROPs in deep geothermal wells, enhance project economics By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor In recent years, geothermal drilling and well construction have increasingly come to be perceived as an attractive pathway for drillers to enter the world of “green” energy while using existing equipment and drilling expertise. However, geothermal resources have yet to take off on a wide scale due to associated limitations, such as the inability to transport it along long distances.  That could change if the “geothermal anywhere” concept takes off. The idea is to enable geothermal heat to be accessed from anywhere in the world – even where fractures and fluid do not naturally ...

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