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Onshore Advances

RRC, TCEQ team up to streamline permitting process in Texas

In the years since unconventional drilling became more common, oil, gas, and pipeline operators have had an increased need to discharge produced or other sources of waste water. To obtain a permit for surface water discharges, operators may have needed to apply to both the Railroad Commission (RRC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For related environmental activities,

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NOV rig census shows pandemic’s historic impact on drilling industry

Global rig demand has fallen to lowest point in census history, dating to 1955; North America has been hardest-hit, with Permian utilization at just 26% By Tarjei “TJ” Myklebust, Karl Appleton and Kevin Scherm, National Oilwell Varco The start of any 2020 census, in any industry or any part of the world, must begin with the impact of COVID-19. For oil and gas, the impact was a drastic drop in demand. Oil and gas drilling has been one of the most negatively impacted industries during the pandemic, and recovery appears to be slower than everyone had hoped. Early in the pandemic, the industry was further impacted by the market share war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that led to oversupply ...

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FlexRigs: A milestone in the evolution of modern land rig technology, safety

Same desire for continuous improvement that drove design of FlexRigs is now driving H&P’s pursuit of better wellbore quality through digital, automation technologies By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher In the annals of modern drilling history, the development of the Helmerich & Payne (H&P) AC-drive FlexRigs will surely go down as a key turning point in the evolution of modern rig design and technology. In terms of both safety and efficiency, these rigs proved to be a game changer that broke the prevailing “rigs are a commodity” paradigm in the US onshore market in the early 2000s. Up to that point, rig design was focused on drilling a specific well depth, said John Lindsay, H&P President and CEO. While companies ...

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