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Campos Basin sees diversification of operators, renewed commitment for investments to boost production

Trident Energy, Perenco and PetroRio among E&P companies joining Petrobras to revitalize the basin’s aging assets, drill new wells By Stephen Forrester, Contributor A lack of investments into Brazil’s Campos Basin in the past decade-plus has led to a clear production decline even while the country’s overall production has increased. However, the basin is nowhere near being put out to pasture. In fact, several independent E&Ps in Brazil, along with Petrobras, appear to have strong plans to lead a full Campos revitalization. Some of that work has already been carried out, achieving early successes in attracting new investment and expanding the labor market, according to panelists speaking at December’s virtual Rio Oil and Gas Conference. In particular, the acquisition of fields ...

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Increased hydrocarbon production, sustainability programs go hand in hand to create a resilient upstream

Petronas, ADNOC and Total all looking to digital technologies to cut costs out of traditional oil and gas projects while driving initiatives to lower emissions By Stephen Forrester, Contributor The future of upstream oil and gas is looking more uncertain than ever, after experiencing one of its most volatile years in 2020. Global oil demand dropped by 9 million bbl/day, and Brent prices fell to $18/bbl in April. Companies are also facing intense pressure to develop and adhere to more stringent ESG frameworks, even while major operating companies slash capital spending. Clearly, the upstream sector needs to strategize on a better path forward. Three E&P companies – Petronas, ADNOC and Total – shared their perspectives in a session at CERAWeek 2021. For ...

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Formalizing communications could lead to better decisions at wellsite

Industry looking at how to better structure language around tasks and commands to provide more clarity, assist with future automation efforts By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Much of the communication that goes on at a rig site – whether it’s between the wellsite supervisor and the driller, or if it’s a service company communicating instructions to a rig crew, or analysis coming in from a remote operating center – is unstructured. It is delivered in an ad-hoc manner and laden with shorthand.  While people are often adept at understanding unstructured communication, there is a level of ambiguity that can sometimes lead to mistakes in executing a task. In addition, as companies rely more on remote operations centers and wireless devices to ...

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Expandable liner system mitigates geological challenges, predictably maintains hole size in Ekofisk wells

Expandable system proved to be key enabler for ConocoPhillips as it redeveloped parts of Greater Ekofisk Area Drilling the lower overburden section in specific parts of the Greater Ekofisk Area (GEA) in the Norwegian North Sea can be very troublesome. Wells in these parts may intersect shales with high gas content in the upper section (requiring high mud weight) and unstable zones with massive circulation risk (requiring low mud weight) near the base of the interval.  These challenges have brought forth the need for a contingency drilling liner to “split” the section in two parts. Rather than changing the basic well design, ConocoPhillips fronted the development of an 8 ⅝-in. expandable drilling liner with high collapse resistance for this purpose. This string provides an ...

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Drill pipe logging sub uses real-time downhole data to improve liner, lower completion installations

Tool leverages wired drill pipe platform to eliminate guesswork at surface, reduce NPT By Kim Mathisen, Tore Sorheim, Vijay Kumar Keerthivasan and Dustin Young, NOV Completion; Stephen Pink, NOV Wellbore Technologies In the well construction process, after pulling standard instrumented bottomhole assemblies (BHA) to surface, the subsequent liner deployment typically happens without any sort of downhole sensors or diagnostics. The liner is often subjected to the most strenuous conditions during well construction, and an unsuccessful installation can add significant amounts of nonproductive time (NPT) and other costs for operators.  Surface data, torque and drag simulations, as well as previous experience, are commonly used to plan and facilitate liner installations. However, field development campaigns often present challenges that cannot be sufficiently planned for by ...

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NOCs from Africa, South America seek to boost competitiveness by investing in gas, renewables

Ecopetrol, Sonangol and NNPC moving to embrace lower-carbon projects in bid to attract external funding, develop long-term path forward By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Amid the decarbonization of the global economy, international oil companies (IOCs) aren’t the only ones facing rising ESG pressures. National oil companies (NOCs) from Africa to South America are also contending with calls – from both their citizens and investors – to adopt stronger protocols for reducing carbon emissions and to take a stronger stance on climate change. Some have also been urged to diversify into renewables; realigning portfolios to a low-carbon future is now seen as a key step to attracting external investments.  “Peak oil is around the corner, and NOCs must try to rapidly modernize as much as ...

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