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Precision Drilling anticipates rig count increases in 2022 for US, Canada

As of 6 January, the company has 66 rigs active in Canada and 50 in the US, representing increases of 38% and 61%, respectively, from the same date in 2021. Precision expects average drilling activity in Canada to be up approximately 40% compared with 2021, while average US activity is expected to increase 60% year-over-year.

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Digital transformation requires “data-driven” focus, adoption of AI-enabling technologies

There is no shortage of discussion around the ongoing digital transformation in the world of drilling, but defining that term and understanding what it really means is still a challenge. Speaking to DC at the 2021 IADC Annual General Meeting in Dallas, Carl Fehres, VP of Digital Strategy at NOV, explores the key elements of the digital transformation.

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Identifying common issues with mud/gas separators essential to maintaining safe operations

The mud/gas separator is an important component in any drilling operation. In order to avoid potentially catastrophic failure at the rig site, it is important to understand the problems that may affect performance, said Richard Grayson, Senior QHSE Manager and Global Well Control Focal Point at Nabors Industries, in this interview with DC.

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Plug-and-play automation, emissions reduction among key factors in rig selection for Occidental Petroleum

John Willis, VP Drilling and Completions for Onshore Resources and Carbon Management at Occidental Petroleum, discussed the ways in which the industry can use technology to address key challenges during the first day of the 2021 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference on 19 October. In particular, he focused on efforts in the three areas of remote operations, rig automation, and reducing emissions.

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Virtual training, contingency planning help Shell navigate COVID-19 challenges for successful MPD project startups

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a number of restrictions on in-person meetings and travel that forced the global oil and gas industry to adjust the way it operates. At Shell, this meant that various adjustments had to be made in order to install MPD systems on Transocean’s Deepwater Proteus and Deepwater Poseidon drillships in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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Equipment placement, monitoring critical to ensure mud/gas separator safety

Mud/gas separators are in use on almost all drilling locations, and understanding how to identify and prevent common problems that affect their performance can be critical to ensuring safe operations. Nabors Industries has noted several options for identifying one of the main issues – blow-through – that could create a catastrophic failure.

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