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Startup company launches ‘machine doctor’ platform

An emerging company called Nanoprecise Sci Corp recently won the People’s Choice and Rising Star Awards at the SPE’s Startup Village competition. The company has developed an IOT-based condition monitoring platform that acts as a “machine doctor,” according to CEO Sunil Vedula. This platform, a combination of sensor and software, is able to measure multiple variables to identify if a problem exists, provide diagnostics, and determine time until failure. In this video with DC at the 2019 SPE Annual Technical Conference in Calgary, Canada, on 1 October, Mr Vedula discusses how the platform differentiates itself from competitors, as well as its value in applications like hydraulic fracturing. Watch the video for more information.

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Rapid-S53 advances well control equipment design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance

The Rapid-S53 JIP, Reliability and Performance Information Database for Well Control Equipment covered under API S53, continues to evolve with a focus on data quality. Mr Gallander provides an overview of the ongoing project, the role of the Technical Reference Group, and the JIP’s relationship with the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics...

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