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Taking industrial, rule-based approach to drilling can improve repeatability, aid deepwater project economics

Total’s Xavier Rouzeaud: Digital applications also hold significant potential, but they must be designed from the rig, for the rig and support people on the rig By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Xavier Rouzeaud is Deputy VP Drilling & Wells for Total. What is the biggest challenge that you see on the horizon for the drilling sector of the oil and gas industry? There is not a single challenge but multiple challenges, and one of the biggest is finding ways to be successful in an unpredictable oil price environment and a fast-changing world. We are being affected not only by market forces but also by the evolution of society’s expectations in terms of energy and the climate. We must be resilient and ...

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Measuring gaps in time, productivity can address flat spots along critical path, ensure optimal rig performance

Pacific Drilling’s Bernie Wolford: Drilling/tripping times matter, but industry can realize significant benefits by looking more closely at what happens in between By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher Bernie Wolford is CEO of Pacific Drilling. Looking across your rig fleet, what do you see as the biggest challenges that offshore rig contractors now face? Of course, the market remains very challenging from a demand perspective, although 2019 was an improvement and 2020 is poised to be even better. For Pacific Drilling, the biggest challenge is maintaining discipline in our approach to the market as it relates to the ramp-up of our smart-stacked rigs. We must be disciplined in the way we rationalize bringing assets back to the market. A related challenge is ...

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Combining disparate data sources powers rig performance initiatives

Contractor overcomes obstacles in data aggregation, sourcing and storage to create unified data model, mine data for value By Alex Groh and Brian Seiler, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company In recent years, drilling contractors and operators alike have devoted increasing attention to the data generated during the drilling process. However, the growing number of sensors and systems that collect data, both on- and off-location, have created challenges in converting these large volumes of data into actionable value. It’s been proven that applying data analytic techniques to data sets collected from rig sensors can yield fruitful results, with real-time data processing, equipment condition monitoring and machine learning becoming more prevalent. However, significant challenges remain in terms of collecting, aggregating and storing data in ...

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