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Drilling Rigs & Automation

Drilling in the digital age: A new world begins to take shape

In a digital world, it’s software, not big iron, that’s driving hefty changes in well planning and construction, workflows, training, security By Kelli Ainsworth Robinson, Associate Editor In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel, predicted that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years. In other words, he believed that computing power would double every two years. According to a study released in 2015 by information technology group Experts Exchange in honor of the 50th anniversary of Mr Moore’s prediction – now known as Moore’s Law –  computing power actually increased a trillion-fold between 1965 and 2015. That means that the smartphones we can fit in our hands today are more powerful ...

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Adoption of data infrastructure, data-centric disciplines empowers OEM in digital transformation

Digital journey focuses on developing applications that drive tangible impacts on financial performance By Gilbert Chahine, National Oilwell Varco The performance of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), service companies, drilling contractors and operators alike will be bolstered through adoption of digitization and data-driven technologies, provided that adoption focuses more on the financial outcome rather than the technological outcome. Such adoption, in fact, is rapidly accelerating, with a large pool of open-source technologies and service providers readily accessible to those looking to make a change. “Digital” must not be a buzzword, though, but rather a meaningful way of impacting cost structures and using data to improve bottom-line – and potentially top-line – financial performance. What is digital and why now? National Oilwell ...

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Blockchain 101: Seven fundamental things to know in the drilling industry

Technology behind Bitcoin could be leveraged to create more transparency, security and lead to faster contract execution, more collaboration By Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor In November 2017, BP, Shell and Statoil – now known as Equinor – announced their participation in a consortium to develop a blockchain-based digital platform to modernize and transform the management of physical energy transactions, from trade entry to final settlement. Joining the oil and gas companies in the venture were commodities trading groups Gunvor, Koch Supply & Trading and Mercuria, as well as banks ABN Amro, ING and Societe Generale. “Over time, the new venture intends to lead the migration of all forms of energy transaction data to the blockchain, improving data quality, further strengthening ...

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ONGC, Aqualis move 29 rigs for monsoon season

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has successfully moved 29 mobile offshore drilling rigs in advance of the Indian monsoon season. Aqualis Offshore assisted with a large majority of the rig moves, which were conducted with the company’s specialist team of mariners in close cooperation with ONGC’s in-house rig move cell. Each of the 29 rigs have now been placed at their respective monsoon locations before the onset of the seasonal adverse weather conditions. ONGC’s underwriters, and their respective contractors, were Aqualis Offshore’s clients for the ONGC rig-moving campaign. Under this agreement, Aqualis Offshore provides marine warranty services to ONGC’s fleet of jackups and mobile offshore production units in Indian waters. “Moving close to 30 rigs, more or less in ...

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Collaborative platform condenses well planning from weeks to days

With so many parties involved in the well planning process, if one party makes changes to the plan, it can take some time before every party is aware of changes for the plan to be updated. Last year, Schlumberger launched the DrillPlan application on its Delfi cognitive E&P platform to streamline the well planning process. In this video from the 2018 OTC on 2 May, Billy-Dean Gibson, Director of Digital Drilling at Schlumberger, explains how the application integrates the various workflows involved in well planning to condense the planning process from weeks to days. He also discusses some of the efficiency gains that DrillPlan, which has been used on more than 200 wells, has enabled...

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Dual-purpose winch combines personnel, equipment lifting capabilities

Drilling contractors often must install separate winch systems for lifting equipment and lifting people. This can lead to loss of valuable real estate on the rig floor, which is particularly challenging on land rigs. Ingersoll Rand has developed a dual-purpose winch for land rigs that combines man- and equipment-lifting capabilities into a single winch. In this video from 1 May at the 2018 OTC in Houston, Gus Calvera, Product Manager and Marketing Lead for Materials Systems at Ingersoll Rand, explains how the winch can be switched between personnel and equipment lifting modes. He also discusses the associated safety benefits...

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