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Drilling Rigs & Automation

Formalizing communications could lead to better decisions at wellsite

Industry looking at how to better structure language around tasks and commands to provide more clarity, assist with future automation efforts By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor Much of the communication that goes on at a rig site – whether it’s between the wellsite supervisor and the driller, or if it’s a service company communicating instructions to a rig crew, or analysis coming in from a remote operating center – is unstructured. It is delivered in an ad-hoc manner and laden with shorthand.  While people are often adept at understanding unstructured communication, there is a level of ambiguity that can sometimes lead to mistakes in executing a task. In addition, as companies rely more on remote operations centers and wireless devices to ...

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Conventional drilling optimization knowledge tapped to help NASA access water on the Moon

Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines believe the reliability of lunar exploration missions can be improved with comprehensive, real-time drilling optimization algorithms. Similar to what are used in the oil and gas drilling industry, these algorithms rely on real-time drilling response mechanisms to adjust various control parameters, ensuring closed-loop automated drilling from the lunar surfaces.

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To adopt automated drilling systems at scale, industry will need to overcome fragmentation, build trust

The term “digital transformation” has long been a buzzword within the oil and gas industry. Only in recent years has that “buzz” finally started to translate into true change. Today, automation discussions are slowing pivoting toward how to implement those changes at scale, but industry fragmentation is hurting that effort.

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Digitalization fuels Saipem’s efforts to lower greenhouse gases

The relationship between digital technologies and sustainability is symbiotic. Digitalization can serve as a catalyst for companies looking to build sustainable businesses, while the search for sustainable energy solutions is inspiring innovative systems that can power the industry of the future. In this interview with DC, Chiara Perotti, Onshore Drilling Environmental Manager at Saipem, and Luca Motti, Onshore Drilling Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager at Saipem, provides highlights from their presentation at the 2021 IADC Sustainability Conference on 9 February. This includes a review of the company’s sustainability efforts and the role played by digitalization, as well as how rig design factors into emissions reduction.

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