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Drilling Rigs & Automation

Closed-loop drilling optimization system: implementation and field results from large-scale deployment

Parameter limit roadmaps played key role in ROP/MSE optimization, while automated protocols allowed for mitigation of drilling dysfunctions By Stephen Lai, Lars Olesen, James Ng, Aaron Eddy, Sergey Khromov, Dan Paslawski and Ryan van Beurden, Pason Systems; Gregory S. Payette, Benjamin J. Spivey, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company The goal of practical automation is to perform repetitive, precise and rule-based tasks. Rotary drilling performance can be maximized by continuous adjustment of WOB and RPM in response to changes in ROP and mechanical specific energy (MSE) while detecting and mitigating dysfunction. This workflow is a prime candidate for automation; however, developing the technology for wide-scale use presents technical and human-factor challenges. This article describes learnings from a control and optimization system that ...

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Blockchain may pave the way for easier, more transparent execution of performance-based contracts

Smart contracts present collaborative mechanisms for operators to ensure they get what they paid for, and for contractors to be paid promptly for service delivered By Andrew Bruce, Data Gumbo Drilling contractors often face an uphill battle when it comes to getting paid based on their daily drilling activities and reimbursable expenses. The average service delivery-to-payment process currently runs 60 days or more, leaving drilling contractors with elongated days sales outstanding (DSO). Although an operator’s representative signs the contractor’s Daily Drilling Report (DDR), they frequently keep separate records of events in other systems, leading to reconciliation errors. After an operator approves all the hours and coding for daily operations, invoices and payments are often held up by single line items ...

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The future of drilling automation: transforming a vision into reality

As process automation proves out its value, industry begins looking to the next frontier of autonomous drilling By Matthew Jackson, Moumien Ali and Vinesh Rambally, NOV Rig Technologies; Sukanya Romyanon, Kyle Sneed and Panu Boonwattanopas, Chevron Today’s drillers are under increased pressure to improve drilling performance. They are tasked with overseeing streams of complex data, generating value from that data, and managing tasks in need of constant attention during ongoing operations. The various skills necessary to perform these tasks mean that the quality of the operation can differ widely across fleets based on the experience of the drillers, equipment and many other variables. Another major issue is consistency, as it is virtually impossible for humans to repeat the same action ...

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Automated steering system aims to improve directional drilling across multiple US onshore basins

To shorten learning curve when deploying system in new areas, drilling ‘recipes’ were created to capture best practices from different basins By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor In recent years, automated directional drilling solutions have become much more acceptable to operators seeking to improve performance. However, these systems are often primarily configured for basin-specific challenges. Such configurations have helped companies like Nabors to deliver high performance, but the company also recognizes that developing a system to work across multiple basins could lead to a step change in directional drilling performance. At the 2020 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference in March, Scott Coffey, Technology Manager of Drilling and Automation at Nabors, discussed the implementation of a system that automates slide drilling to improve ...

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